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Sep 7, 2010 05:24 PM

BEST wedding caterer?

Looking for a caterer for my wedding. Food is the MOST important part of my day, besides the dress of course. Hoping for a seasonally themed menu, comfort food (short ribs, butternut squash ravioli, tomato bisque, mini chicken pot pies, duck confit, apple crisp, etc). Any suggestions are appreciated

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  1. Trying hunting through the forums at weddingbee. Otherwise, we did a few tastings with a couple of the oft mentioned caterers and went with Red Table Catering and they were awesome.

    1. Try Cleaver Company in Chelsea Market. Mary Cleaver has always been at the forefront of using local/regional/organic ingredients. They are top notch, friendly and easy to work with.

      1. of their specialties is pot pie! They are awesome.

        1. Does anyone have any experience working with Creative Edge?

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            I haven't worked with Creative Edge but did attend a wedding catered by them and thought the food was fantastic in taste as well as presentation. They're probably the best and trendiest caterer in town right now.

            OP, here are some of the best caterers in NYC:
            Creative Edge, Callahan, Marcey Brownstein, Olivier Cheng

            Feast & Fetes is Daniel Boulud's catering company, which might appeal to a foodie couple, but the person I dealt was so rude that it completely turned me off.

            For middle-tier caterers with excellent food, I'd recommend Sonnier & Castle, Tip of the Tongue, Le Moulin, and Seasons.

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              I used Creative Edge for my wedding. They were wonderful to work with. Brooke and Carla were fantastic. They were very open to my ideas (my husband and I created an appetizer consisting of 3 seasonal items and they went above and beyond to execute our vision). Everyone tells us it was the best food they had at a wedding, which is what we wanted!

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                @uwsister and @ManhattanLawyer, thanks! They sound fabulous and have been super responsive so far.

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