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Sep 7, 2010 05:15 PM

Sicily - Scopello and San Vito Lo Capo

I'm planning a day trip to the Zingaro Nature Reserve and am looking for a good spot for lunch. I'll be in the area in the beginning of October, so just after the high tourist season. I'm flexible on the type of location, but preferably nothing formal. We'll be heading to lunch after hiking/swimming, so we most likely won't be all "cleaned up."

Also, any additional recommendations for Trapani, Erice, or Palermo would be welcome. Thanks!

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  1. there is a new Slowfood listing, Il Ritrovo in Castelluzzo,a hamlet of San Vito Lo Capo, 9 km from the center going in the direction of Trapani

    The guide also has recommendations for Trapani,Al Solito Posto,Cantina Siciliana,La Bettolaccia, Duca di Castelmonte (in Zitta) and Vultaggio, an agriturismo in Guarrato (Also Calvino (a pizzeria from the Gambero Rosso Lowcost guide). I will try to post the details of these on the Restaurant page shortly.

    You will observe that Italians do dress a little better than Americans, even when they go casual so you wont want to be too scruffy and sloppy - shorts arent really the norm, for example. Of course you may find a really casual place right near where you are swimming .

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        Thanks for the updated link and recommendations!

        Do you have any thoughts on Calvino Pizzeria? That is on the itinerary right now for Trapani. Also, do you know anything about La Pentalaccia in Erice? We may try to go there for dinner, but can't find a website, so are just basing this on a guidebook.

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          Here is some info on places in and around Trapani accumulated from Slowfood and Gambero Rosso's new little lowcost guide including Calvino.

          If you like the sicilian style pie (I do) one evening it looks like a good place to go judging by the GR writeup.

          These places in Trapani and Erice all seem to have info on Googlemaps also (currently these links dont work so I am not adding any more). Just search with name of restaurant and city and entry will come up (click on Place Page) cumulating reviews from tripadvisor and some italian sites.. Sometimes their basic info is buggy but the links and review info should be fine.

    1. We spent a week this summer near Scopello. I agree with Jen's recommendation to get your hands on the Slow Food guide and use it. If you speak some Italian, I would suggest you buy the latest edition when you get to Italy. The english language version is somewhat outdated and is no longer published.

      We largely followed the Slow Food guide and were never disappointed. My highest recommendation is for Vultaggio, which Jen mentions below. We had a Sunday afternoon lunch there that was unforgettable. It's about 10 KM from Trapani. One other strong recommendation that's not in any guidebook: On the road from Castellammare del Golfo to Scopello there is a rest area on the mountain overlooking the town of Castellammare. There is a mobile pannini truck there from noon until about 11:00 PM every day that sells fantastic pannini, panelle and all kinds of other wonderful street food for embarrassingly low prices. He also sells very good local wine for about 1 euro a glass, ice cold beer and gelato. Our family of four had lunch there several times on the way back from the beach or from hiking in the Zingaro preserve. We usually spent about 25 euros and were always very happy. To me, these meals were among the most enjoyable of our two weeks in Sicily.

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        what a great report! Sounds like wonderful eating. Panelle is great food!

        I will just say that all of the places mentioned in the newest Slowfood 2010 guide are reflected on the restaurant page link above - including details if you open the entries.. As cmm2 mentions they dont have a current english guidebook out. The little pocket Gambero Rosso lowcost guide (just out) is also good. Im hoping to have time to put some more Sicily info on this site soon.

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          Thanks so much for the hint about the pannini truck! Sounds perfect! Do you think it would be around in October? Also, we may be heading to Zingaro on a Sunday - is this type of place typically open on a Sunday?

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            I really couldn't tell you if the pannini truck would be there in October, but I would guess that it would be. (We were there in late June.) I'm pretty sure it would be around on Sunday.

            Make sure not to miss Trapani. It was our favorite town in Western Sicily. You should also visit Erice on the cable car, but I would not really recommend eating there; it is touristy in the extreme. La Cantina Siciliana in Trapani was terrific. And I would really recommend that you go to Vultaggio for a Sunday afternoon meal. It might be a good idea to make a reservation because it will be packed with Sicilian families celebrating their children and grandchildrens' first communions, etc. I'm pretty sure you'll be the only Anglophone there. Make sure to order the caponata; it was by far the best we had on the trip. It's an agriturismo so almost all the food (including the wine) is made with products that are grown there.

        2. If you do go to Erice, try the pastries and marzipan which are typical products. There was a shop run by ex-nuns which was supposed to have the best marzipan, I've forgotten the name since my last visit was many years ago, but I found this website which may be the place I'm talking about: