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Sep 7, 2010 04:51 PM

Padron Peppers AKA Pimientos de Padrón

Brought a couple of bags home from San Fransisco and yearning for more of these tasty morsels. Anyone selling them or serving them in the Metro DC or B'more areas?


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  1. I just had some at Jaleo last week. I couldn't find them on the menu (though maybe I just wasn't looking carefully enough), but I asked the waiter because I know they have them in the summer and they did indeed have some. They're so amazing.

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    1. Last year they could be found at the Dupont Farmers Market - I checked 2 weeks ago and it was still early - The stand that had them was the first vegetable stand on the right AFTER the Greens vendor as you walk in from the MASS avenue entrance.

      I love them too - Grew them and Shishitos this year - the Padrons were Hotter than Heck - I don't know what I did wrong as they are usually mellow and flavorful...

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        Thanks for the intel!! Will have to check this weekend. Did you grow from seed or a plant?

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          Seed - I forget where i found them but can look it up if you want...Something like "Kathys Seeds"