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Sep 7, 2010 04:46 PM

Florence - Need Recs for 3 Dinners and 3 Lunches

My husband and I will be in Florence for 3 nights and 3 days. We are staying south of the Arno
not far from Ponte Vecchio. I would love recommendations for good, local food for our lunches and
dinners - we love to eat well but do not want to break the bank. Some of the ones on
my list of possibilities are:
Quattro Leoni
Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco
Il Guscio
Il Ratini
La Cantinetta Verrazzano
Feel free to comment on the list but I also welcome other suggestions.
Thank you in advance!

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  1. I would say that Vini e Vecchi Sapori is excellent for lunch, really fine food and very popular with the locals some of who dine there every day. If you head to San Miniato I always love Fuori Porta which is a very good enoteca on the way up or down for lunch. Re restaurants Buca del Orafo is very good and buzzing. A typical cellar restaurant with excellent food and good atmosphere, I always rave about Osteria de Benci but then it has never let me down and has looked after people I ve recommended it to over the years. La Posta on Via Pelliceria (very close to piazza della Republica) is very good and popular with locals but never seems to be recognised on these boards which I daresay is a good thing. I have heard good things about Il Guscio, Pane e Vino and Osteria Caffe Italiano which I hope to try on my next visit in November. Also Trattoria del Carmine is very good. To be honest and in my personal opinion I find Quattro Leoni over rated and also the same goes for Osteria del Cinghiale Biano....but whatever you choose I hope you have a fantastic time and remember that everybody has different tastebuds, enjoys different places and has different experiences.....but hope this helps

    1. Out of the restaurants you listed, I've only been to Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco and found it just OK. My favorite restaurant in Florence is Taverna del Bronzino.

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        Thank you both for your suggestions. I will add them to my list. Also glad to hear you LotsC find
        Quattro Leoni and Cinghiale Bianco overrated. I know for one of our dinners we want to have
        the traditional bistecca Fiorentina. Where would you recommend we go for that? Thanks!

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          Here are a few places that have been recommended for bistecca:

          of these I have only been to Mario - very good food, very unpretentious, but we didnt have the bistecca.

          1. re: jmk38

            "I know for one of our dinners we want to have
            the traditional bistecca Fiorentina. Where would you recommend we go for that? Thanks!"

            Taverna del Bronzino does a wonderful bistecca!

        2. Lunches - Bank safe ;-)

          da Nerbone - Trattoria - near San Lorenzo Market
          a really convivial place, you will share the table

          Mario - Trattoria - Via della Rosina
          open only for lunch
          you might share the table


          Il Cibreo - the Trattoria - not the Restaurant - near San'Ambrogio Market
          very small place - reasonably priced

          Hosteria del Bricco - Trattoria - San Niccolò
          small place - reasonably price

          A bank breaking treat
          very elegant, romantic, awfully expensive - around 250 Euro each with no wine
          2010 3 forks Gambero Rosso
          Enoteca Pinchiorri

          Enjoy your holiday

          1. Marione is a good lunch bistecca i know Osteria de Benci does it,,,

            1. right near the Ponte Vecchio:
              Golden View Open Bar, very nice place with stunning overview, sometimes in there is live jazz music in the evening

              Il Latini was nice but i absolutely prefer Marione, if it’s possible for your lunch choose the room with the vaulted ceiling and exposed brickwork. At Marione you will find good food, simplicity and good price.
              Top for bistecca is Sostanza (but call him Troia as we do....) book in advance and bring cash with you, they don't accept card.

              a very tipical luch at Nerbone: inside the
              Mercato Centrale (central market) in San Lorenzo since 1874; you take a
              fast full immersion in the Florentinity trend, you can try trippa alla fiorentina,
              pappa al pomodoro, or a plate piled with boiled potatoes and a single
              fat sausage. But the mainstay here is a panino with lampredotto, a boiled
              beef sandwich that's bagnato (dipped in the meat juices), my absolute favourite,
              ask for it with salt, pepper and green souce. Eat standing with the crowd of
              old men at the side counter, sipping glasses of wine, or fight for one of the few
              tables against the wall. Be sure to get there till 12.30 – 13.00 or you risk a long
              queue for your specialities, infact Nerbone is very very famous for Florentine
              people and you find there a lot of workers of the nearby, from the young boy to the old manager.
              While you are going there you’ll pass inside “San Lorenzo Market” from piazza San Lorenzo to via dell'Ariento, all around his Basilica (in the very historical center of the city) you can find probably the most important market of the city. Just walk around searching for clothing, articles in leather, souvenirs, etc.

              finally one, take a look of what you see from the Rinascente terrace while you are sipping an aperitvo or a nice lunch.

              The Florentine
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