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Good Old Chex Mix

With the holidays coming up sure enough after Labor Day, so will the homemade Chex Mix.

However, not all Chex Mix recipes are created equal. I've had some Chex Mix at parties that was awful: dried out, flavorless, skimpy on the goodies.

I've seen Chex Mix with dried Ranch mix in it, with Cheetos, with bagel chips, with Pepperidge Farms Goldfish in it. You name it.

For me, I double the peanuts, use straight pretzels, not twists, and I double the butter and the seasonings. I put a tiny splash of hickory smoke into the butter/seasonings, too.

What do you put in your Chex Mix that is different?

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  1. lawry's reduced sodium seasoned salt

    1. Just an observation, but I see Chex mix sold at Costco and maybe that's what you're finding at parties.

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        True. But I'm not sure people know how to make it right either. Burned Chex Mix is horrid, too.

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          Growing up I kind of remember my mom just using melted butter with garlic salt. But, you're right homemade Chex mix is better.

      2. Because I'm an umame/salt freak and so are most of the people I know, I go one and one half on the butter mixture, and my top- secret ingredients (not secret anymore, I guess :) are the regulars plus just a small dab of anchovy paste and a sprinkle of celery seed. It adds more depth than worcestershire alone, and no one has ever complained about it. (I have friends and family who despise anything that even makes them THINK about anchovy paste.) I also double up on the (dry-roasted) peanuts, and I use sourdough pretzel nuggets with coarse salt; and I frequently use an extra measure of corn or rice chex in place of some of the wheat. Oh, and I use unsalted butter and a good extra shake of kosher salt.

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          Yum! Great idea to sneak in a pinch of anchovy paste and celery seed. I will try it, thanks!

        2. You know, i have never had home-made Chex mix!

          i know I'd love it!
          Maybe, I'll have to give it a go..I am sure I could get pretty creative!

          1. I use a variation on the original 1954 recipe. I sub filberts for peanuts and amp things up with a very healthy dose of pepper sauce of one sort or another.

            1. I use the recipe with a little more butter and worscesterchire and I only use wheat chex, these are the ones I liked best so why not go 100% wheat chex ? That's what I likes!

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                I use wheat, corn and rice. Always wind up spending a big packet whenever I make Chex Mix, therefore I don't make it very often!

              2. Double the peanuts and the pecans, if I can afford it. Lots of worcestershire, Mister Salty pretzel sticks, Cheerios and mixed with the loving memories of my grandmother Jessie, as it is her recipe. ♥

                1. I make Crispix mix rather than Chex so I don't have to buy rice, corn, and wheat. I pretty much stick to the recipe on the box, but increase the nuts and sometimes use pretzel thins from Trader Joe's instead of plain twists. After reading the comments here, I might start playing with the seasonings a little... Last year I made a simple party mix for a seafood-themed even with goldfish pretzels, peanuts, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips (fish n' chips!) that was a pretty big hit. I might a mix of cheddar and pretzel goldfish this year too...

                  1. To me, Chex Mix is sort of like pizza or salad...the more the merrier, up to a point.

                    Crispix is a good modern alternative to buying three boxes of cereal, and Cheerios is something Mom used to add years ago. PF Goldfish are also good. Mom used to put in mixed nuts. YUM!! Pretzel sticks only, please. Bagel chips, however, are RIGHT OUT!

                    Growing up, we kids didn't get much, as this was Dad'd favorite and therefore off limits!

                    IMO, the commercial versions of Chex Mix are lame versions of the home made variety.

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                    1. re: al b. darned

                      Isn't Crispix sweetened, though?

                      And I agree wholeheartedly on the commercial versions of Chex Mix--blech!

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                        The original Crispix was corn on one side and rice on the other without any added coating. They may have added sweetened versions later, but I'm not sure.

                    2. i like to use dried lipton's onion mushroom soup mix with the melted butter. the various chexes, bagel chips, almonds, cashews, dried veggies (like the just green beans, corn, etc.)

                      1. To me, it just ain't Chex mix without bacon fat and Tabasco.

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                          To me, life just ain't worth living without bacon fat and Tabasco.

                        2. Chex Mix is a must for my family around the holidays. The packaged stuff is so vile, and it's room temp too! Half of what makes Chex Mix good is sneaking bites when you stir it in the oven! We don't double the butter, but we definitely double all the seasonings and worcestershire sauce and add a pretty serious amount of hot sauce. And then we always toast it just a bit longer than the recipe calls for, so the nuts are nice and roasty tasting. I want some of it right now, with a very cold beer. Yum.

                          Oh, and we usually do some combo of Chex and Crispix.

                          1. I use mostly Wheat Chex, more butter, lots of Worcestershire sauce, straight pretzel sticks, only cashews and, when I can find them, the rye chips from the Gardetto snack mix packages. Yum, I'm hungry.

                            1. an ancient thread, but worth an add. I bought some quaker oat squares or whatever the new cereal is called. it is a great addition to chex mix.