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Sep 7, 2010 03:38 PM

Carmen Anthony's Fishhouse - Woodbury

We went to Carmen Anthony's Fishhouse in Woodbury on Sat. night. We had a party of 8 and our table was ready when we arrived at 7 p.m. Our waitress came over (Sara) and she told us that she and Paul would be our servers tonight. We thought "great, we're going to have great service", but that wasn't the case for most of the night. We placed our drink order and it took a while for them to be delivered and that's the way it was for pretty much everything that evening. Only 3 appetizers were ordered and they were good (chopped salad and escargot, clams casino). We had to ask for bread (which, since we had 2 servers, was not good). This was not a big drinking group, so we were all waiting for our entrees and we had to finally ask one of our servers where they were (at 8:45) and he said there was a problem in the kitchen and "would you like to speak to Kathy", who we found out was the manager. We said "yes". My husband had ordered filet mignon with mashed potatoes and summer veggies. His meat portion was quite a bit smaller (like a hocky puck) than one of our friends. He was hungry when he finished eating and for the cost of the meal, that shouldn't be the case. Kathy didn't come over very quickly and finally all our meals arrived at 9:00 p.m., but one. My sister had ordered the Shrimp dish with pasta and she had to wait an additional 10 minutes. Paul, our waiter, asked again if we wanted to speak to Kathy and we said "yes". Kathy came over and offered us dessert in compensation for the slowwwww service. We accepted. An elderly couple, who came in at least 20 mins. after us and got their meals before us. We heard Sara say to them that "we're having trouble with the ovens tonight". So, it wasn't a good experience all around that evening. I expected much,much more from a restaurant of this caliber and feel that Kathy should have done more to entice us to come back.

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  1. After three or four experiences with horrid service at dinner at Woodbury CA's over the course of several years we stopped going there for a while. Then late last year I noticed their bar menu and we tried it for lunch. Service was good, the atmosphere more casual and of course the prices better. Sice then I think we've been back for lunch in the bar at least three times more (the latest yesterday) and been pretty happy with the place.

    1. I was there for a birthday a couple years ago. The food was good, but unmemorable, and the service was slow. Sounds like it's par for the course.

      As an aside, OP, it's useless to complain you received your food after a couple who arrived there after you. You have no idea what they ordered/how it was cooked/etc, and it takes much longer to put out food for eight that for a table of two.

      1. My husband and I had dinner here on Friday night, the incentive being a gift certificate. My husband's Manhattan was very good as was the tuna entree with an awesome Asian slaw. I had a 2-lb lobster which was good but not great. The sides are going downhill - specifically, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. The iceberg wedge salad was mediocre. Service was prompt, professional and courteous. Bottom line: Good expense account restaurant.