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Sep 7, 2010 03:08 PM

Help! Brisket Gravy Almost Gone!

I just cooked this brisket and the sauce cooked down too much and is very thick...almost like jam. It is absolutely delicious, but there isn't enough sauce to cover the brisket in overnight. Should I add more beer to it?

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  1. That's strange, I make that exact brisket a few times a year (and made it last night in the crockpot) and have never had that happen. I don't know if I would add more beer; I would probably add some water and try to thin it out a bit. I wonder if the fat in the gravy made it congeal, and it will "loosen up" once it is heated?

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      Thanks, I'll try adding some warm water to it. Another question, is your crockpot huge or are you cutting the brisket in half to make it fit? Also, did you adjust the quantity of the beer, ketchup, and cranberry sauce to "work" in a crockpot?

      1. re: DaisyM

        I made a smaller brisket this time (about 2-1/2 lbs) since it is just for DS and I, and it fit nicely into my crockpot, which is a large oval shape. I didn't reduce the amounts of the sauce ingredients b/c we love the gravy. Also, I follow the beginning steps of the recipe as written (i.e., brown the brisket in olive oil, then saute the onions) before dumping everything in the crockpot.

    2. I would add some beef broth.

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        NO!!!! to adding beef broth. The over-reduced gravy will already be salty. What evaporated was water, so that's all the OP needs to put back. Only if after diluting it there is not enough gravy should she add broth to stretch it.

      2. I agree to just add water. This happens often when you make brisket.

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          Thanks, everyone. I added a little warm water and it loosened up. I'm sure I'm going to have to do this again tomorrow. I'm not sure why this happened because I actually doubled the amount of liquids in the recipe. But I do have to is really, really excellent.

          1. re: DaisyM

            I finally clicked on the link to the recipe and see that the sauce includes ketchup. If you still need extra sauce and it's getting too dilute in flavor when you just add water, I suggest mixing up a slurry of 1/2 & 1/2 water & ketchup, and adding that into the gravy. My mother's recipe is also ketchup based, and that's what she does.

            As to why there was so little liquid, it's possible that the heat was a bit too high, so you had more evaporation than the recipe anticipates.