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Sep 7, 2010 02:56 PM

Cheap Pints around Yonge & Wellesley

Hey all -- I'm looking for suggestions of where to get cheap after work drinks around Yonge and Wellesley? Any suggestions?

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  1. Substitute "cheap" for "good" and you've got Bar Volo near there which has an awesome selection, including cask-conditioned real ale.

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    1. re: childofthestorm

      Or you can hit Volo on Monday for $5 Pint Night, and get both "cheap" AND "good".

      1. re: gregclow

        $5 a pint isn't cheap. Not all beers on tap are available for the $5 price and the regular beer prices in Volo are nowhere near cheap. In fact, they're one of the more expensive places in town if you do the calculation.

        However, I do go to Volo because they bring in stuff we can't get anywhere else. For that, I really like them.

        1. re: Wandering Foodie

          Well, "cheap" is relative.

          If people are happy drinking Blue or Bud, then sure, they'll be able to find it for less than $5 a pint a lot of places. But for good quality beer, $5 is a good deal for downtown Toronto.

          And yes, I'm aware that not all of the beers are included in the $5 deal. But enough of them are to make it worth a visit.

    2. I'm a fan of the Duke of Gloucester, on Yonge

      1. The Artful Dodger (10 Isabella St, about 3 streets N of Wellsley, behind the Panasonic Theatre)

        Great patios, good taps, and above-average pub grub.

        Artful Dodger
        10 Isabella St, Toronto, ON M4Y1N1, CA

        1. I haven't been in a while, so perhaps things have changed, but Local 4 has $4 pints on Monday nights. Small but decent selection of local microbrews.

          Local 4
          4 Dundonald St, Toronto, ON M4Y1K2, CA