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Sep 7, 2010 02:40 PM

Hibachi Sushi & Supreme Buffet Inc., Wilmington DE - Unbelievable Deal!

Not sure if this should go on Philly or Mid-Atlantic Boards, but since there's so much overlap on the users, figured Philly was the best place to post this latest find.

I though I had found the deal of the summer last Friday when I scored some half-off amazing prepared fresh fish at Under the C before I toddled off to my train...but yesterday I beat it - and it wasn't even a "special".

While doing some "back to school" shopping in DE, I got a bit peckish and stopped at Hibachi Sushi & Supreme Buffet Inc. for lunch on a friend's suggestion. It is located by the river in the same shopping center as the Shop Rite grocery store (I think it's Walnut, but may be wrong). The buffet is the most amazing Chinese/Japanese/American style buffet I have ever seen. There were more than 100 items, and it ran the gamut from soups, salads, fish, pork, chicken, clams, standard chinese dishes to freshly prepared sushi - and I mean freshly prepared - I watched them as they made my dragon roll and was sure the tip the sushi chefs before I left. There is also the buffet of raw ingredients from which you can pick and choose, and the will grill it for you at the hibachi for no extra charge. I nibbled at from about 7 options (plus some sushi), but I hardly did it justice!

I wasn't interested in desserts so didn't try any offerings, but they had a decent looking selection of one-bite pastries, jello, puddings, and hand packed ice cream (no wimpy soft serve machine here!). Seriously - this was very good food - not fancy gourmet, but varied, fresh, flavorful, and it was all constantly being refreshed. Nothing I tasted was disappointing, stale or bland. The space was spacious, clean and if not decorated to my personal taste, was well appointed.

Oh...and did I mention lunch was $6.99? Yep...less than 7 bucks...and dinner is only $9.99. If I worked in downtown Wilmington, I would have my very own reserved booth with my name engraved on the back. I will definitely add it to my regular stops when indulging in some tax-free shopping. This may not be a place you go to DINE, but it is a place you go to EAT, and EAT WELL.

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  1. where is this exactly? by u of del?

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    1. re: paychecktoday

      U of D is in Newark. The OP said this was in Wilmington, which is north of Newark. This palce is on South Walnut Street right outside the downtown area in a shopping center in Wilmington. I woudl guess it is less than 30 minutes (if that) from the U of D area. HTH.

      1. re: Prettypoodle

        It's just south of the City of Wilminton on Rt. 13 near the Wilmington Riverfront. I know co-workers who have gone there. Some love it, others...

        1. re: bluehensfan

          There's another one of these down at the People's Plaza in Newark DE. Same family owns them both, the Wilmington one is the second location. We've eaten at the Newark one a couple of times and everyone has been pretty happy. As buffets go its pretty good and you can always have them cook the made-to-order stir-fries for you if you don't like premade food.

    2. I confess that I am pretty amazed to hear someone sing the praises of a Chinese/Japanese/American style buffet. The whole concept gives me the heebie-jeebies--it just sounds like a recipe for bad, soggy food. (On a side note, I tend to avoid buffets of any kind since as a small person I get annoyed that I am subsidizing people who eat a lot more than I do.) I go to that Shoprite regularly, but it has never occurred to me to venture into this restaurant--the neighborhood it's in is a far cry from being a tasty food mecca. Maybe I'll peek in sometime.

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      1. re: travelmad478

        Don't bother, Travelmad. As someone who frequents buffets when I'm in the mood for inexpensive, passable chinese fare, this place is truly bad. Both my mom and I have tried it, twice, because of rave reviews after a first bad experience. Both times the food was bland, overcooked as you said, and I was amazed to find both times asian people eating there. Surely, they should know better! They truly have a large selection, but none of it is good. (Except the ice cream!)

      2. My boyfriend and I decided to try this place on a Saturday night and arrived at 8:30PM. The place only had a few other diners when we arrived. We soon realized that approximately 90% of the dishes had been sitting there for so long that they were dried out and overcooked. After our first plate, my boyfriend let the waitress (who spoke perfect English and had no foreign accent) know about this problem. The manager came over and asked my boyfriend what dish he wanted them to make and he said that most of the dishes needed to be remade. When I came back to the table, we discussed it and when the waitress came back, I asked to speak to a manager because of the low quality of the food. The waitress went to the manager and then came back and said that they were taking 10% off of the bill. Considering that this was a buffet that boasted "Over 300 items", I felt that we deserved more off. When we went up to pay, I tried to explain that considering approximately 90% of the items were overcooked and dried and that we already had complained, that we should not have to pay so much. She explained that since they were slow, they were not making more food. I said that we should not have to pay that much if most of the food was completely sub par. This was when the arguing started. At one point, I picked up the menu and pointed out the "Quality Guaranteed" in large print on their menu and she decided that she "did not understand what that means" and "I do not speak Engrish" (up until then, she understood everything). After much arguing with the manager and the man behind the counter who tried to tell us "Oh, you have no money" (we actually showed him that we did), I asked if we could speak to the waitress and the manager told us that the waitress did not understand English (remember, she had no accent and spoke perfect English). Eventually, the check went from $23 to the $10 that I offered.

        Basically, the food was sitting around too long and was horrible and the manager and cook have zero customer service skills and should learn that suddenly saying "I do not speak Engrish" after understanding everything else just makes you look stupid.

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        1. re: MarniG

          Next time you'll know not to go to a 300-item buffet expecting fresh, good food.

          1. re: travelmad478

            Well, I would expect some sort of standard and maybe even a fraction of the food to be good, but 90% of the food? Nope, fail on their part.