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Sep 7, 2010 02:25 PM

Tea (Finger) Sandwiches - Where can I buy them in NYC??? HELP!!!!

Does anyone know where I can buy premade finger sandwiches (gourmet style - not supermarket) in NYC or the outer boroughs or even Long Island??

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  1. There's a place on 1st Ave bet 56 & 57 Sts. Name: Call Cuisine. They do a big brioche with all the tea sandwiches using the brioche bread and placed back in the brioche "container". It's really very attractive and you can select the fillings from a list of possibles. As I recall, it was fairly pricey, but very well rec'd when I used it for a party several years ago. They ate up everything!

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      thanks to all who replied to my question about small sandwiches - now my party can begin!

    2. Do the sandwiches specifically have to be "finger style" or could they be small triangles? If I remember correctly, Amy's bread has sandwich platters on their catering menu, with a variety of petite sandwiches to choose from.