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Sep 7, 2010 01:26 PM

Black Bass Hotel

Last night we had dinner at the Black Bass Hotel for the first time since they re-opened. We sat down and had a fabulous view of the river. After ordering a glass of Pinot Noir, we studied the menu. It looked quite promising!

First course was the cream of wild mushroom soup with a saga blue cheese crostini ($9) for my husband and the beet salad with micro greens and an orange honey vinaigrette. ($11) Both were generous portions and delicious.

For entrees, my husband ordered the grilled filet mignon a' la New Orleans ($36) and I opted for their lamb "chop" ($34). The filet was described; "With horseradish cream, curried banana and crispy Tasso ham". The lamb was described; "With Rosemary JalapeƱo Mint Sauce, warm apple compote and potatoes au gratin". Our mouths were watering!

Here is where things got dicey. Our entrees arrive and they brought my husband a fish dish and my lamb, which was 1/2 of a rack, looked like it was covered in tar. The sauce was thick and very dark. I ordered my lamb medium-rare and it could not have been more well done! Our server was pleasant, but not very knowledgable. They quickly took the plates away indicating they had brought these to the wrong table. Just a few minutes later, they brought the correct entrees. My lamb was once again well done. I sent it back and declined the offer to order another. It really bugs me to wait for a new entree and end up eating it while others are ready for dessert! My husband's filet was a bit overcooked, but he was fine with eating it. Strangely, it also looked it was covered in tar. We wondered if they actually put the same sauce on both dishes. I picked at a couple of his vegetables and potatoes. Average at best. His filet had a good deal of gristle.

The manager was apologetic and brought me a complimentary glass of wine. We declined dessert and left disappointed with our experience.

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  1. Four of us met at the Black Bass for lunch on a Saturday in May. There was a luncheon event going on at the same time. Service was horrendously slow and our server was a bit clueless about this (we actually started placing bets with the couple at the next table about when any of us might see food). The food at lunch was decent but not memorable except for the time involved. We were all thankful for the great view. Sorry to hear how terrible dinner was. Your experience confirms our decision about not returning.