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Sep 7, 2010 12:15 PM

50th wedding anniversary -- w/ (well-behaved) grandkids

OK, so my family will be in San Diego for Xmas/New Year. One thing we will be celebrating is my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

We'd like to go to dinner at a very nice restaurant. However, we're not looking for a super-high end experience, both because it would be largely wasted on all of us, but also because we'll have my brother's four and seven year old children with us. There would be seven of us at dinner (including the kids).

The kids are pretty well behaved, generally pretty able to keep it together for a couple of hours. But still, it would be better to go to a place that, if not specifically designed to be kid-friendly, is at least likely to be more kid-tolerant while still offering food that everyone would agree was in keeping with a once-in-a-lifetime experience (for instance, perhaps it is in a setting where perhaps an uncle could take the kids for a stroll while they wait for their entree -- not necessary, but perhaps a consideration). Or perhaps a place with a seating arrangement that would offer some privacy?

And perhaps a restaurant where I could talk to them ahead of time about perhaps a special 50th-anniversary desert or something.

We'll be staying in Mission Bay, but for this we'd be willing to travel for the right place.

Ideas, etc, greatly appreciated.

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  1. Roys, located in the Downtown MArriot or the La Jolla Village Area, serves very nicely and they take children into consideration when serving. I like the downtown location, it is on the water, LJV is in a shopping center.

    1. Kid-friendly = food sucks. Any place that lets kids run wild is not going to serve good food. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

      Once-in-a-lifetime-experience = expensive, and not kid-friendly.

      That said, if the kids are really well-behaved, I would recommend Addison. It's expensive, mind you. Really, really expensive. But handily the best restaurant in San Diego. My 4-year old would have no troubles at all in a place like Addison. I don't know the grandkids in your party, but you can judge if they can sit and behave for 2-3 hours. Addison is not a quick experience. But it really is the best place in town. By kind of a lot. And really, 50th anniversary is a pretty big deal. If I'm lucky enough to have a 50th anniversary, I hope my family takes me to a place at least as good as Addison.

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        Addison does have a smaller private room where the kids could walk around in and out to the attached patio. Could take them for stroll through the rest of the large restaurant and outdoors into the valet parking area.

        Another thought is George's on the Cove. Also has private rooms. Would be a nice stroll along Prospect Street.

        1. re: daantaat

          George's has a lovely view. That's the only nice thing I can say about George's.

      2. First the kids, most places will accommodate kids but, the time does. I'd recommend an early reservation. Georges in LJ is very nice, 2nd Addison as well. Bully's in Mission Valley is a good old school steak house that may work and it not $$$.

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          Thank you for the replies. I am going to look into Addison. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.