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Sep 7, 2010 12:03 PM

Barcelona next week....Please review plans

My husband and I will be in Barcelona next week. We will be staying at The Hotel Casta Furster.
First question....If we are flexible and do not mind up to half an hour wait, do we need reservations in advance and how much in advance?
We are not really lookng for very expensive, (100.00 per person up with experimental cooking). We are looking for great food in interesting settings, i.e., romantic, historic, just good vibes rather than cold or non non- descript.. The night we get there is on a sunday so we do have reservations at 9:00 for Pacomeralgo since sundays most places are closed.

A friend suggested Windsor for lunch rather than dinner, . We are also thinking of:

EL Principal for dinner,

Botafumeiro ,

Cal Pep (do you advise tappas, ot the restaraunt? )

Genlonch ,

Speccio Lluis for one italian dinner just to have something different one night.

Asador de Aranda ( Tibidabo) although saw many bad reviews on TA and heavy lamb is not my favorite but I do enjoy other meat dishes and the buliding looks beautiful. Is the time it takes to get there woth it? I think we would take a taxi, Googlemaps shows a ten-15 minute ride from our hotel?

7 Portes ( TA people have advised it is not worth it, way to touristy yet I do see many good reviews and must admit the history and tradition do appeal as long as it is not a real tourist trap and the food will be delicious!

Need a reccomendation for one fantastic fish restaraunt, fresh, simple, maybe a water view but flexible on that.We definately want one outrageously fresh and good fish dinner , once read about a place in a small square, in an old house but do not remember where?

We do plan to try othe tappas places as we go.

So.... Any advise? Any that I have left out that I should experience. I know there are many, just want some opinions. Sitting outdoors, in squares and again personality, history , beautiful decor really wins us over! ( yup...that is how we decided on our Hotel...Casta Fuster!)

Thank you in advance. We always appreciate advice from those who have " been there...done that " !

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  1. There are many good reasons to go to particular restaurants other than great food. For me, Botafumeiro and 7 Portes are those. They don't serve the best food for the cost but they have history and certain old world ambience. I have not been to either in years and because they are 'institutions', I doubt they have change much. Botafumeiro is a seafood restaurant, therefore, I am not sure you want another. Rais de Galicia is probably the best seafood restaurant in Barcelona. The area of Galicia has the best seafood in Spain and Rais gets the best and some of the rarest seafood and cook it simply. Rather simple in decor, service and expensive, though no more so then Botafumeiro, even if one doesn't order baby eel, cigales, percebes. I cannot think of one great seafood place that has a view or facing the water in Barcelonetta.
    If you don't like lamb, I think Asador de Aranda is a waste as it is their specialty.
    The whole point of going to Cal Pep is to sit on the counter and be part of the show. Eating in the back restaurant is like Siberia. It serves the same food in both rooms, not really tapas but more like racions, smaller portions of traditional Catalan cooking. Great for sharing.
    Never been to Genlonch, Speccio Lluis or Windsor, though there the last one get some good write ups.
    YES! make a reservation at most of your places. Genlonch is very small; Botafumeiro, Asador de Aranda and 7 Portes are huge but they are very popular for certain days, etc. Who wants to get stranded up in Gracia, Barcelonetta and most of all Tibidado and try to find a substitute if they are full. Cal Pep does not take reservations for the counter, therefore, get there a few minutes before they open their doors, otherwise, it will be a long wait. Just a last comment, Windson, Botafumeiro, 7 Portes , Asador de Aranda are not cheap. For food, they are no more expensive than many of the modern Catalan places in Barcelona.

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      For people who are googling, it's RIAS de Galicia, not Rais..

    2. I just came back last week . We ate at
      Con Fabes
      Fonda Gaig
      Commerc 24
      cerveseria Catalanya

      Gelonch IS AMAZING! so under rated and such great value! At 44 euros for the tasting menu it was the absolute stand out. We paid 590 for a dining accom package at Con Fabes and I have to say that Gelonch blew everything away.

      the other stand out was Fonda Gaig. My fav traditional meal by far.

      Commerc 24 Meh. It was good but I was sad that I did not go back to Fonda Gaig

      Cerveseria Catalanya was the best tapas pinxos meal as well.

      have fun. I am jealous

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      1. re: refilms

        Glad you were so satisfied with Gelonch. I can think of a few people who would say "I told you so!". It's not me; I haven't been there yet.

        We enjoyed Fonda Gaig too. It was our first meal in Barcelona and we enjoyed being pampered.

        Re: Comerc24, we gathered that it might be a "hit-or-miss" place and decided not to try our chances. We went to Inopia and guess who we saw there? The owner/chef of Comerc24 (looked like he was on a date on a Friday evening).

        1. re: Aleta

          I'm happy you loved Gelonch as well. I've been singing their praises since my first visit in April...Going back this Saturday night....can't wait.!!

      2. Although much too late for the OP, the Windsor has been our longstanding favourite restaurant in Barcelona. It's top quality modern Catalan cuisine, fairly formal and not cheap. The city is a weekend sort of place of us - for two nights we'd have a reservation at the Windsor and then take potluck at a more casual place in Barcelonetta