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Sep 7, 2010 11:17 AM

Low stress lunch on the strip?

Howdy All-

I'm looking for some help for an upcoming trip with a friend to Vegas -- we're all about trying some of the fancy places for our dinners, but during the day, we want to keep it lower key for lunch / breakfast options. From past trips, I have sometimes struggled to find good lunch options, I'm happy to order at a counter or sit at a bar, or if it's full service, nothing that will take too long. What lies between the food courts & buffets (yuck!) and the high end signiature restaurants? Where are the great sandwich places and taquerias of the Strip?


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  1. Can you say "Hash House A go-go ?? It's in Imperial Palace (don't judge it by this place) Sahara has another one. Also have their original , off strip. Check out their web site. UNBELIEVABLE But, you need to share. Just too big for one.

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      "Hash House A Gogo" in the Sahara? Don't you mean *on* Sahara several miles west of the Strip?

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        GREAT PLACE!

        Also loved BLT Burger at the Mirage

      2. Paris- Mon Ami Gabi- Breakfast or lunch; LeBurger Brasserie
        MGM- 'wichcraft; Stage Deli
        Caesar's Palace- Payard Patisserie for pastries, sandwiches; Cypress Street Marketplace, is better than the usual food court.
        Bellagio, Aria- Be sure to visit either Jean-Phillipe Patisserie for sandwiches, crepes and a pastry and see the Chocolate fountain at Bellagio or the giant chocolate flowers at Aria.
        Venetian- Taqueria Canonita Restaurant by the canal or related Canonita Express in Canal Shoppes food court; Grand Lux (owned by Cheesecake factory) also located in Palazzo; Actually the casino level food court isn't bad. I've enjoyed a pizza slice for a quick bite, but there is Rialto Deli and San Gennaro for paninis & burgers.
        Palazzo- First Food and Bar.
        Imperial Palace- I agree that Hash House a go go is a fun place. Liked their vertically stacked fried green tomatoes layered with chicken salad stuck on a watermelon wedge and the huge banana pancake.
        Planet Hollywood resort- Earl of Sandwich
        Treasure Island- Canter's Deli
        Mirage- Carnegie Deli; BLT Burger
        Wynn- Zoozacrackers deli

        Have fun!

        Mon Ami Gabi
        3655 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        Hash House
        2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

        3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

        Taqueria Canonita
        3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        Canter's Deli
        3300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        Carnegie Deli
        3400 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        Cypress Street Marketplace
        3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        Grand Lux Cafe
        3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        Planet Hollywood
        3667 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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          Awesome, great list of recommendations, I'll print it and take with've got the whole strip covered!

        2. These are the spots I usually go to for lunch.. Noodle 9 and Julian are my two favorites...

          Caesars- noodle 9 and Mesa Grill
          Aria- Julian Serrano
          Mandalay- Burger Bar
          MGM- whichcraft
          Palazzo- San Marco or Otto(same restaurant not sure if the name change took place yet)
          Encore- Society
          Wynn- Red 8

          Mesa Grill
          3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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          1. re: SDGourmand

            The name has been changed to Otto - a quick glance indicated the menu was basically the same as under the Enoteca San Marco name.

            We had lunch at Postrio on Monday (directly across from Otto in St. Marks Square). It was a decent meal, but the service was spotty and we had to remind the waiter of the locals special even after I provided him with drivers license........

            Postrio Restaurant
            3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

            Enoteca San Marco
            3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

            1. re: SDGourmand

              delicious selection at NOODLE at the Bellagio

            2. Try the Oyster Bar in Harrahs. Their clam chowder is great and they give you a bowl big enough for a meal for less than $8.

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              1. re: zinsrule

                There is a really great deli at NYNY if you like such places. Pink Taco is good for Mexican. We usually do a buffet one day around 10 or 11 and don't eat til dinner. Haven't done MonAmi Gabi for lunch, but loved it for dinner. They have outside dining with a view of the strip.