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Sep 7, 2010 11:09 AM

Fish tacos

I know, I know, I shouldn't order them around here at all, really, but I did. Previously, they've been dry, unless some sauce was indicated, but when I ordered them locally they had a mayo-based sauce on them, in addition to the chipotle sauce (which was red) listed on the menu.

Is this normal around here? Should I expect a "fish salad" taco when ordering these unless otherwise indicated, much like how I learned (to my hungover dismay) that hot turkey sandwiches come with creamy country gravy in the south?

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  1. It's a simple food and best not messed up by making it too fancy. I can make a decent lunch out of two grilled mahi-mahi tacos from Baja Fresh. They put a little slaw on top and that's about all.

    1. I know overwood puts some sort of sour cream sauce on them. I think Tacklebox had some sort of sauce but it wasn't overwhelming. I forget what Taqueria Poblano puts on them, but not mayo based. What kind of sauce are you looking for? Traditionally isn't it served with crema and lime juice?

      Taqueria Poblano
      2400 Mount Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        I am looking for no sauce - just good mild fish and simple accompaniments that don't overwhelm the flavor of the fish.

        Basically, I was told the mayo thing was a regional style, and was trying to figure out how I'm going to handle avoiding this supposedly ever-present mayo sauce in the future, as, to be frank, I though it was kind of gross.

        I mean, mayo and/or tartare sauce on a taco? Really?

        1. re: Raids

          Cabbage and some some Mexican crema-based sauce is the way they usually are made. My wife likes them at tacklebox.

          1. re: Raids

            I think what you are looking for WAS served by a great place in Herndon that no longer is. Teocalli Tamale used mahi, unbreaded, no crema, on corn tortillas with cabbage and then toppings of choice.

            Alas, something happened with a change of ownership probably about two years ago. The new owners tried adding authentic dishes, and while some were good, the old menu went downhill, and service just plain sucked (in particular a few great people were never to be seen again and one particular young woman always looked and acted like she hated any customer for stepping in the place).

            This is associated with a place right around the corner in the KMart shopping center, up near The Deli. Anytime I (or anyone I know) has tried to eat there the food was good but the wait unbearable.

            With the appetite for this stuff, especially in a place that's not Arlington, Wheaton or Bladensburg, I have had many tough times figuring how they can't get that better service ALONE would reap them a virtual printing press of dollars.

            So be it. Good luck to you.

            1. re: Dennis S

              Mostly, she hated customers that weren't Mexican. I didn't fool her for a second with my lame Miami spanglish.That place was great, as was Van's Vietnamese under the original ownership next door. RIP.

              1. re: flavrmeistr

                I agree, and this I can see more with the place up near the old Gold's. But Teocalli was a good step from chipotle to a more authentic place. The old owner (the guy) knew this, and knew it was a great step. It was one of those places I could take people to help break them in, but that I also enjoyed.

                So, my question is: you're going to buy a place around the corner, turn it into similar of what you already have, not give up the original store, and just let your lease and purchase deal go to waste?

        2. I've had Calif. Pizza Kitchen's fish tacos recently, and they were great. Came with avacado, and some crunchy slaw. Nice peppery salsa on the side, too.

          1. Where did you have them with a mayo-based sauce?

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            1. re: Steve

              Oh that would be Hook in Georgetown. It was alternatively identified by the waitress as "garlic aoli" and "chipotle crema" by the brunch manager (but, IMO, if it smells like horseradish and tastes like horseradish, it's tartar sauce. Oddly, the staff insisted there was no tartar sauce to be found in the restaurant, ever, even though it's listed as an accompaniment to the fish and chips right on the menu?)

              At any rate, I like my fish tacos to taste like fish. I can see a dollop of sour cream or something, but I was trying to figure out if this saucy, fish-salad like thing I got was par for course. What I am getting is that plenty of places add a dollop of something, but it's like the sour cream on any mexican food item and not a salad-substance like a lobster roll.

              1. re: Raids

                Why don't you just ask for no-sauce or on the side? I think you could get them with no sauce or sauce on the side at Overwood, Surfside, Taqueria Poblano or even Tacklebox. And none of these use mayo based sauces.

                220 N Lee St, Alexandria, VA 22314

                Taqueria Poblano
                2400 Mount Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301