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Sep 7, 2010 10:56 AM

Wanted: Reasonable priced Glatt Kosher Caterer for a Shabbaton

We need a Glatt Kosher Caterer to cater a Shabbaton at a reasonable price. The event will take place in a hotel either in the Catskills, CT or New Jersey. Any ideas would be very helpful. If a caterer is reading this, I can be contacted directly at

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  1. Abel Caterers out of New Haven may be a choice. I'm related to them, but they catered my wedding and their food is delicious.

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        1. re: Elliotu

          My recommendations are Glatt. Unfortunately, the other one isn't it seems.

          1. re: Elliotu

            I think Abel can do glatt, even if they don't do it exclusively.

            1. re: craigcep

              However, as they also have a trief division working out of the same building, they are not the type that someone requiring glatt would use.

              And I'm not related to them, BUT worked for Neil and Larry more than 30 years ago. I also used them for my second wedding.

        2. Glaubers Catering in Monsey catered our family reunion. The food was delicious and plentiful (very typical Shabbos food, nothing fancy) and affordable. I don't have the number on me, but its probably in the white pages online. They catered at a hotel in the Catskills. Meal Mart in Monsey caters in the Catskills, the Monsey Holiday Inn and some places in Jersey. I believe they are more expensive, but they may work in more venues. You can also try Supersol in Westchester. They go everywhere. I do feel, though, that Glaubers has a nice way about them and the food just tasted good and was pretty cheap.

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            is there a phone number you can provide for Glaubers?

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. how about Greenwald caterers in Lakewood NJ?

              they can do from economical to lavish.

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                Greenwald catered both of my siblings' weddings within the last 18 months. My family has overall been very happy with him, but you need to pin down very precisely what you want, and know that you definitely get what you pay for.

                1. re: GilaB

                  They've catered the Jewish Heritage centers Shavous etc. retreats and I'm sure the the JHC had the economy package and it was still very good.

                  I went on a high end Greenwald catered vacation in the Berkshires last summer and the food was AMAZING.