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Sep 7, 2010 09:45 AM

trip report-eating in denver & Boulder

Thanks as always for all the great advice. Just back from a week in Denver, Colorado Springs, RMNP, and Boulder. Here’s a brief report on where we ate. For a detailed version of our trip itself check out my (non-food) blog at http://cindy-randomthinking.blogspot.....

First 2 nights in Denver we ate at Rioja and Mizuna. It was great to be able to walk to Rioja ( Mizuna needs a short cab ride). The artichoke pasta app was amazing, one of the best things I ever ate and our server was terrific but on the whole we thought Mizuna blew it away food wise. Awesome sea bass with crispy skin and truffle oil.
We’ll skip our meal in Grand Lake (just outside the park) which bordered on scary, though the beer was great!
First night in Boulder we ate at Frasca. Was it the best restaurant in ‘Denver’? Maybe not but we really enjoyed our meal and Bobby and his wife were super charming. Having him pick your wine was a great deal and tons of fun. Loved the hash brown w cheese app and the tortellini. We had a good time. The next night we ate at L’Attelier. Another great meal with the highlights being the escargot, muscles and sorbets. Sad to be home though after all that good food I was running out of clothes that fit! Thanks to all.

225 East Seventh Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

1431 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202

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  1. Your response to Frasca is right on - no need to claim it's the "best," just that you enjoyed it. I think Frasca is the "best" in the region at a very specific type of cooking (highly regional, elegant, very precise and ingredient-focused) which happens to be revered by a lot of critics and in fashion in the national food press, so Frasca gets lots of "best of" press. Which it deserves, but so does, say, L'Atalier, which is in my mind equally good, just different (a kind of French fusion, which is pretty out of fashion right now). Glad to hear that you had good experiences. Now you need to come back and try out The Kitchen, Fruition, Olivea, TAG, Bones, Izakaya Den...