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Sep 7, 2010 09:30 AM

Columbus, Ohio sushi

My rule used to be that I didn't think about eating sushi unless the city (Or sometimes) the state I was in had seacoast. It became less a concern when aircraft got faster and freezing technology got better. I mean, it was a classic 'yesterdays fish' situation.
So now I am going to Columbus and HAVE to eat sushi (undisclosed reasons) and I'm hoping things aren't as bad in Columbus as one might suspect - It is, thankfully , a big college town and surely among other causes might be renewable resources and sustainability as well as a sincere desire not to eat disgusting slop. Maybe not - I recall my own college days......

So have at it Columbs Chowhounds - please a sushi referral.

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  1. Well, Columbus area is home to many nearby Japanese plants (Honda and subsidiaries), so there is some sushi here, and I think many of the places are quite good. My favorites are Akai Hana on Old Henderson Road and Yoshi's on Frantz Road in the NW area. I would not call either "disgusting slop". I like both very much.

    Akai Hana
    1173 Kenny Centre Mall, Columbus, OH 43220

    1. Kihachi Japanese Restaurant

      Good enough for Ruhlman and Bourdain...

      While not a pure sushi bar (more of a traditional Japanese place) will be worth the visit.

      Pricey...but most say worth it.

      Kihachi Japanese Restaurant
      2667 Federated Blvd, Columbus, OH 43235

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        I like Kihachi very much, but it is not a sushi restaurant. It is high-end Japanese dining. Most do the omokase menu, and there may be some sushi on it, but it is not a place to go expecting a large sushi menu. It is a great choice if you are more open to a different Japanese experience than the usual sushi places.

      2. The sushi scene in Columbus is horrible......Kihachi is wonderful.

        You can get sushi there (since you HAVE to) and it is excellent. You can also get some other options, and they are better. :-)

        There are 2 kihachi reviews in the blog and posted here on CH, as well.

        1. The sushi here is not fantastic, but there are some decent places. I live in the northwest suburbs. Of the places I have tried here, I like the best. Yes, it's a stupid name. The atmosphere is also lousy. But the sushi is really pretty good.