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Sep 7, 2010 09:20 AM

Vegetarian/Vegan Tacoma Area

Dear Houndies (woof, woof)
Spending a couple of days in the Tacoma area this weekend (Sept 10 & 11). Please advise some choices for vegetarian restaurants. If they were to have websites that would be great also.

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  1. Cafe Dei 2607 6th Avenue
    Antique Sandwich Company 5102 N Pearl St
    Quickie Too 1324 Martin Luther King Blvd

    1. Bombay Bistro on Sixth Avenue offers an extensive range of vegetarian dishes. (And they are not afraid to use the spice rack.) Indochine on Pacific Avenue (not the University Place location) offers several tasty options as well. (If you partake of seafood, the tuna dish is a highlight.)

      Bombay Bistro
      4328 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

      1. (Note - I'm not vegetarian or vegan, though I do enjoy a vegetarian/vegan meal once in a while, and have eaten at most of these places with friends who are vegetarian or, in the case of Quickie Too, vegan.)

        I'll second Quickie Too: delicious vegan "hippie" food, though definitely not quick. Website is (note that the menu does not necessarily apply to the T-town branch, but they don't have their Tacoma menu up... be prepared to get some flak about not knowing the menu if you call ahead, which we have done... or just order the Crazy Jamaican "burger," which they do have, and which is fantastic).

        Bombay Bistro is great, too. We also like Gateway to India (, though their vegetarian options trend more to the standard fare. Well executed, though.

        Also, vegetarian pho at Nhu Thuy on S 38th (758 S 38th St) is not to be overlooked. Broth is good, packed with just-crunchy-enough vegetables, tofu is nicely done... ask for extra fried onions! Sorry - no website.

        I'm not familiar with Cafe Dei, even though it's in my 'hood... how new is it? What's the story?

        Nhu Thuy Restaurant
        758 S 38th St, Tacoma, WA 98418

        Bombay Bistro
        4328 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

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          On the corner of Fife and 6th (I think). Coffee shop with vegan/vegetarian sandwiches and sweets. It opened in June - maybe July.

          1. re: libstewart

            OK - thanks - I've been there now. It's next door to Gateway to India, so if you don't like the vegetarian options at the one, you can eat at the other! Didn't try the sandwiches, but the cafe americano was mighty fine.