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Sep 7, 2010 08:25 AM

YYC Marrowfat (Mushy) Peas

Anyone know where they can be found in Calgary? At a store, not a restaurant.


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  1. The British Pantry over on Northland Drive carries Mushy Peas and a whole lot of other goodies: bonus: they're next door to Prairie Mill Bread Co. The chill in the air has me craving Prairie Mill's honey whole wheat bread. There's also the British store in Market Mall - I know they carry a few staples but iirc they stocked more sweets and magazines/souvenirs than anything savoury.

    There are probably other British Pantry type places that carry mushy peas... perhaps someone else can chime in with recommendations for places in the south.

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      You used to be able to get hold of Bachelors Dried Marrowfat peas (with a soaking tablet) at Superstore, but I haven't seen them there for a while. Save On Foods definitely have them, but the nearest one to YYC is in Red Deer. They make mighty fine Mushy Peas - one of the foods I miss from home more than most!!!

    2. For those interested, (well, in mushy peas AND equestrian riding) I have been told that there will be a British pavillion at Spruce Meadows for the Masters competition this week and weekend and that there will be mushy peas, British cheeses and other things British for sale. The peas are canned, not dry.

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        It looks like there's a whole Flavours of the World expo at the Masters this weekend - they're advertising traditional fish & chips and bratwurst, crepes, onion cakes... Wow