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Need Help with Menu....

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I just recently purchased a food concession trailer and plan on starting a a small drive in diner. The name of the business is the Ultimate Bucket. I was planning on serving food in plastic buckets to go with the name. We will be serving BBQ, burgers, and hot dogs for now. I need some clever names for food items with the word bucket in it. For example I have a Sloppy Bucket which is BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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  1. The Barkin' Bucket for the dogs, and the wowCow bucket for burgers. If you ever throw fried chicken into the mix, you could have the Cluck-it bucket. And, good luck on your new endeavor! Much success! (Oh, the Sloppy bucket? You could go one further and call it the Sloppy Piggy.) I know these are cutesy, but they're kinda fun too.

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      "cluck-it bucket" I love it! Those are good suggestions.

      1. re: natewrites

        Thank you, nate! And DH just tossed out the "Fins and Feathers" in the event you do a mixed fry, mssy.

        1. re: mamachef

          Thanks for the suggestions. This has really helped alot. The food will be served in buckets so I was trying to keep the menu "bucket themed".