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Sep 7, 2010 03:49 AM

Cal Pep Closed when were are there. Tapas suggestion needed.

Finally thought I was going to be able to eat there, and they are closed for a holiday in October. Would prefer to go somewhere you can make a reservation for a party of six.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Senyor Parellada. Ask for table on the ground floor.

    1. Tapas places that take reservation for 6: near Cal Pep is Bar del Pla; cozy and lively, El Xampanent will take reservation for large party if you are persistent; in the Eixample, PacoMeralgo has counter seating like Cal Pep but they will probably place your party of 6 in a table; for atmosphere and traditional tapas, La Bodegueta; for partying Condal Ciudad or Cerverseria Catalana. Up scale, Bar Mut. More modern style, Cat.181

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        +1 for Bar Mut- Wonderful Tapas!!

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          Bar del Pla looks perfect, thanks for the recommendation. What do you suggest for traditional Catalan food for Saturday evening? We are staying near the Marina. I need a place that I can get something simple for my kids(like a steak) in addition to fidueas or seafood for the adults.

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            Set Portes or Senyor Parellada, both walkable from the marina.
            But one had better book 2 to 3 weeks in advance.
            Also I don't remember if steak is on the menu. It is the last thing on my mind and I therefore never notice. But both places have a largish menu...

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              Paco Meralgo. (Pa' comer algo...get it?)

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              You will be able to get a steak for your kid and fidueas and seafood at most places near the waterfront in Barcelonetta and the Marina. It depends on what you want to spend. Because of the real estate, none are inexpensive; mostly moderate to expensive and the ambience of being close to the water make up for the variable food. The often mentioned 7 Portes and Can Majo are two popular choices; expensive but the food is as good one will find there. Besides couple of down to earth places, I have not eaten at many of these places in years. I ate at Kaiku last year and though it was good as the above two and less expensive. They should have some sort of steak but I can't be sure.
              Senyor Parallada in El Born is more in the vein of a traditional Catalan restaurant. Very large menu with seafood, meat, salads, definitely steak and fideau. Considering the moderate cost (except for a few items such as beef, most plates are around 10E) and very lively comfortable ambience, it is not a bad choice. Don't expect the food to be a "wow". Make sure you DON'T get place in the upstair alcove which is lonely and away from the action.
              Saturday night is very busy in Barcelonetta, especially if there are cruise ships docked. Even though most of these places are huge, I would make a reservation soon. Another positive is that many of these places will have diners before the customary 9pm dinner time, good for kids. Senyor Parallada is also popular but won't sit you before 8:30.
              If you and your family are looking for a fun time rather than great food, nothing wrong with Barcelonetta. Try to stay away from places on the Pg. Joan de Boro

              1. re: PBSF

                Thanks, figured we would not eat much before nine, and price isnt much of an issue of us. Will look at Kaiku, Parallada, and 7 Portes and Can Majo. Thanks for all your suggestions.