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Sep 7, 2010 03:08 AM

Tiny Venice Review

I just had a couple of days in Venice and had 2 meals guided by posts here. I was disappointed in OSTARIA DA RIOBA . It was OK-nothing special , the menu was small and not particularly well balanced which made it hard to choose courses which went together. It also seemed very expensive for what it was. I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday lunch at Fiaschettaria Toscana. Service was professional and friendly . I had stuffed courgette flowers which were the best I have had, served with a fresh tomato salsa with a bite which went well with the ricotta based stuffing. The liver was perfect and the artichoke hearts were cooked in a way that made them almost fondant and brought out their intense flavour. Not as expensive as the Rioba.
I also loved a lunch I had at a very small Osteria on the Campo Santa Margharita, whose name, to my shame, I have forgotten. A simple capaccio of smoked tuna with a glass of prosecco. Bliss

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  1. Thank you for ther Venice report. Osteria ai do Draghi on the northern end of Cp Santa Margharita is one of the few goodt places for food on the campo.