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Sep 6, 2010 10:40 PM

4 Days Tokyo-Eat a little of everything

Four days in tokyo...I want to try and eat my way through the city...Down for anything from street venors to about $100/h meals.

Definitely want to try horse, an unagi restaurant, also, some good breakfast recomendations are welcome..

will travel to just about anywhere accessible by subway...not sure if there are any ethnic food stand outs that I should get in tokyo that I haven't heard about?

I know I'm leaving some broad strokes here, but any direction would help.


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  1. I always have teppanyaki while in Tokyo, because
    I love wagyu.

    Two recommendations: Satou in Kichijoji & Seryna in

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      Thanks for the recs...was wondering what I should expect as far as language goes at most restaurants? Is everything in japanese or is it common to find English translations of menus?

      1. re: travelingsalesman

        Some have English menus, some have
        plastic food displays that you can point
        to when ordering, some you must know
        basic Japanese food vocabulary.

    2. I highly recommend you try the amazing shirayaki unagi at Godaime Nodaiwa in Higashi Azabu. Be sure to make reservations early...

      Another fantastic but a bit out of the way place for unagi is Yutaka in Haneda (the town in Ota-ku that the airport is named after). Yutaka is actually best known for its luscious anago, but the unagi is also fantastic.

      I am not much into basashi (horse sashimi) or baniku (horse meat) but a place called Tengoku in Ueno is very famous for their horse meat dishes.

      What kind of breakfast are you looking for? Breakfast is not big in Japan unfortunately... There are many interesting place to eat in the morning, but it might not be what you expect...

      Here are the telephone numbers of the places mentioned above:
      Nodaiwa: 03-3583-7852
      Yutaka: 03-3741-2802
      Tengoku - 03-3824-3211

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        thanks for info...i feel like it is my duty to try about a place called bakuro in ebisu..seems like a good spot.

        As far as breakfast is concerned, I've had trouble figuring out what traditional breakfast would be...definitely open to places you consider worth stopping at...

        Also, really interested in finding an okonomiyaki seems to be more of an osaka thing, but was wondering if I would find it in tokyo/kyoto/hakone (restaurant recs for hakone would be great. Will be there one 1.5 days...)

        Thanks again!

      2. If you really like horse, or just want to try it along with lots of other raw meats - check out the restaurant alley in Ebisu.
        Asomaniac and I went there shortly before I left the country and some of it was pretty fantastic, not all of it however. Here's a bit of info :

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        1. re: lost squirrel

          LS - I would love to try horse and generally really enjoy raw meat. Do you remember the names of the restaurants that had these fantastic dishes?

          1. re: nelehelen

            Squirrel's mention is in the Ebisu Yokocho, I think. Subway exit 1, turn left, go under the tracks, look for the multi-colored lights just across the main street and on the right?

            Some other classic places for horse are
            Minoya in Morishita (haven't been, but this is the place I'd like to go to)

            or Nakae (just north of Ueno, in Minowa, almost across from Yoshiwara Daimon)

            It's not uncommon though, so I'm struggling to think of other specific places. One izakaya that specializes in it, as well as a big selection of sake, is Miharukoma in Ikebukuro.

            1. re: jem589

              Thanks Jem. Yes, in that little alley there are a few places and only one of them is the meat sushi. You should be able to figure it out when you get there, good luck. Maybe Aso will chime in, he may have gotten a card or something from the people there.

              1. re: jem589

                Ooh, Yoshiwara Daimon. That sounds so illicit- like a euphemism for "Heaven's Gate"....

                I've been to Ebisu Yokocho last couple of times back in town. It's fun and food is pretty good at the different shops I tried. But just as a general sentiment, I would consider it more of a ni-ji-kai (2nd stop), san-ji-kai (3rd stop), in an evening, rather than as destination- especially for a good dining hood like Ebisu.

                Kumamoto Prefecture is kind of famous for horse meat and when I ran a search for a Kumomoto specialty restaurants, I came up with a place at the top of the list called "Kumamoto Horse Meat Cuisine SAKURA" in Naka-Meguro--> .