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Sep 6, 2010 10:20 PM

Damnyankee looking for BBQ help

Hi there, I am planning a car trip down south from NJ and am hoping to try some good NC BBQ. Unfortunately this trip will be with my two 1 and a half year olds in tow, so the option of an hour drive through back roads to get to the "perfect" little BBQ shack is off the table (maybe in a few years, but not yet). At the same time, bland generic chain-restaurant crap is not an option - my wife and I don't eat this way and neither will our kids. We will be taking the I-95 corridor and are planning a stop in the Rocky Mt / Wilson area and again in the Fayetteville / Lumberton area. I know that this limits my options a lot, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Further searching tells me that Fullers will be our best bet for the Lumberton stop. Thanks to all the posters on those threads.

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  1. Before you get to NC on I 95 at Exit 31 try Stony Creek Tastee Hut for good fried chicken or BBQ.

    Stony Creek Tastee Hut @ 12420 Blue Star Hwy., Stony Creek, VA. 434 - 246 - 2328.

    Take Exit 138 off I 95 at Rocky Mount, NC and go E on I 64 for 1 1/2 miles to Exit 466 and go S on N Winstead Ave. to Sunset Ave. Take a right and go to Gardner's BBQ. Gardner's has 3 locations in Rocky Mount, NC but this one on Sunset is the most convenient to I 95. You will pass a Hampton Inn on your right when you exit I 64 if you are planning to spend the night in Rocky Mount, NC.

    Hampton Inn @ 530 North Winstead Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 252 - 937 - 6333.

    Gardner's Barbecue @ 3651 Sunset Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 252 - 443 - 3996. I64/EXIT468A.

    If you stay at Rocky Mount, NC for the night I doubt you want to go to Doug Sauls in Nashville, NC because it's 6 miles W of Rocky Mount, NC.

    Take Exit # 138 going S on I 95 at Nashville, NC and go W on # 64 about 6 miles to Exit # 458. Turn back E on Western Ave. less than a mile for some outstanding BBQ at Doug Saul's.

    Doug Saul's BBQ @ 813 Western Ave., Nashville, NC 252 - 459 - 4247.

    Get off I 95 at Exit 90 just S of Smithfield, NC to your right and turn back N on Highway 301 and go about a mile to Holt Lake BBQ just past the Holt Lake Bridge for good BBQ, burgers, country and seafood. Check out White Swan BBQ just up the road if you have your doubts.

    Holt Lake BBQ & Seafood @ 3506 US Highway 301 S., Smithfield, NC 919 - 934 - 0148.

    White Swan BBQ @ 3198 South Brightleaf Blvd., Smithfield, NC 919 - 934 - 8913.

    At Exit 73 in Dunn, NC get off I 95 going W on Cumberland go about a mile take a right on General Lee and next left on Broad for some fine fried chicken at Kim's. Don't let the name bother you. They sell a BBQ sandwich but 99% country food.

    Kim's BBQ House @ 900 W. Broad St., Dunn, NC. 910 - 892 - 7750.

    Heading S on I 95 at Exit 56 try Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ at Fayetteville, NC. They sell a good burger and also a buffet lunch with fried chicken.

    Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ @ 113 N. Eastern Blvd., Fayetteville, NC. 910 - 484 - 5109.

    Get off I 95 at Exit 20 in Lumberton, NC to the right then turn NW on Highway 201 which is N Roberts Ave. and go about half a mile to Fuller's BBQ for good road food.

    Fuller's Old Fashion BBQ @ 3201 N Roberts Ave., Lumberton, NC. 910 - 738 - 8694.

    For some fine country road food get off I 95 at Exit 2 at Rowland, NC and go W on # 130 which is Main St. to S Railroad. Take a left and go 2 blocks to The Pink Restaurant on Church St.

    Pink Restaurant @ 104 West Church St., Rowland, NC 910 - 422 - 0020.

    1. There isn't any good barbecue on I-95. I would stop at the Tastee Hut(mentioned above), or at K&L Barbecue in Hopewell, VA(closed on weekends, though). Both have eastern NC barbecue. It's not as good as the great NC places, but a lot better than Smithfield's, Gardner's, Ralph's, etc.

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      1. re: Naco

        I think that I would recommend Parker's in Wilson before Gardner's. Have not been in a long time, but it was always good, not great, but good. The fried chiken on the other hand may be considered great. And, yes I know they have another location but would not consider it a chain.

        See for location and review.

        1. re: chazzer

          Parker's is pretty bad to my mind, and has been de-listed from the NC Barbecue Society trail that you linked to, due to them no longer cooking with wood or charcoal.

          1. re: Naco

            Like I said have not been in a while, but they were on the map that I just googled. Is there more then one map out there?

            on edit, I guess there is more then one map


          2. re: chazzer

            We have outstanding country BBQ joints in MS. I went to a few NC BBQ joints when my son was at Camp Lejeune. Parker's is the worst I have ever tasted. I know there are other great places. It's something about MS BBQ. Seems like most joints are small mom and pop places with good stuff. I guess I might be spoiled.

            What was the famous BBQ joint in Wilson, NC that's now closed. I should have gone there instead of Parker's.

            1. re: Littleman

              That was Ed Mitchell who now has the Pit in Downtown Raleigh, I found his place to be hit & miss, when it was on it was great, after he expanded it was not as consistently good.

              Like I said, I have not been in years (like more then 10 years) back then it was good but not great.

              Sorry to hear that Parker's & Bill's declined to the point that both were removed from the trail.