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Sep 6, 2010 09:35 PM

Finicky in France

I will be visiting Paris with my two daughters in their mid-twenties (going the middle of this month). We are celebrating my daughter's upcoming wedding with a "girls trip". We love to cook (one daughter is taking a pastry class at Le Cordon Bleu - my gift to her at her kitchen shower) and eat, but are a bit finicky...specifically, no red meat. We enjoy chicken and most seafood (nothing too exotic). We'd still love to sample wonderful French food, but I'm a bit concerned that some of the more popular and value-oriented "fixe prix" menus will not have selections for us. We will plan on a couple of ethnic food choices, but cannot experience Paris without a wonderful French meal. We're staying on the border of the 7th and 15th, but will be all over the city. Oh, and my oldest daughter is confined to a wheelchair, so no restaurants that are on the second floor with no lift (she's very petite, so I can carry her up a few stairs).

Would also love some suggestions on fabulous stores for cooking...pots, pans, and kitchen tools.


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  1. In May our rental apartment was at 110 Boulevard de Grenelle, the west border of the 7th. We enjoyed many things about the area (see link below for a report), but i want topoint out the terrific open air market that sets up in those blocks of the boulevard on sunday and Wednesday mornings as it is worth planning food around. Nearby Marcab, Le 122, CAJ, Denier Metro are all good and not terribly expensive places to enjoy food.

    1. No red meat is not an issue in any prixfixe menu that I know of (except at Le Sévero and the likes of it -- and they have no prixfixe anyway). Even L'Entrecote has non red meat options.

      Sounds like Le Cinq would be very appropriate. If your oldest need to stay on her wheelchair, it might be difficult in some of the very cramped bistrots like Chez l'Ami Jean (CAJ).

      Otherwise, your demand sound pretty standard and not very specific, so I would encourage you to browse the board and discover its favs.

      1. Avoiding red meat in Paris restaurants is not a problem. I visited many times while a "fish eating vegetarian" and also during the mad-cow scare some years back. .

        One off the wall shopping experience might be the Saturday flea market at Porte de Vanves (open also Sunday, but we prefer Saturday.). You may see kitchen and dining things that you never knew you needed!

        1. Vanves might be a little difficult in a wheelchair, somewhat narrow, bumpy and big crowds.If you feel the wheelchair is not an issue do go, l have been every Sat l am in town, just love it. For a store Dehillerin near Les Halles has Mangeur's stuff you never knew you needed but new. Great copper downstairs as well. Same block has a wonderful ribbon shop as well as a french uniform store.