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Sep 6, 2010 08:44 PM

tender greens clone

While in San Diego, i ate at a restaurant called Tender Greens. it had interesting salads and sandwiches, delicious soups, and simple entrees. The food was fresh, tasty, well- prepared, and reasonable, and pleased both vegetarians and meat-eaters. Does anyone know of any restaurants like this in the monmouth county area?

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  1. Tender Greens is an LA-based chain. It's really a mini-chain, at this point. So now, you're goal should be to convince the two owners to open a restaurant here. The hard part is that it takes time to set up all the farmer-restaurant relationships. One of their niches is that their food is local, organic, and pretty much from a couple farms and a beef producer. That's possible in California, but much tougher in New Jersey.