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Sep 6, 2010 08:25 PM

Dim Sum Syracuse?

When I googled dim sum in Syracuse the only thing that comes up is China Pavillion. I went there yesterday with a friend and here is my experience. They had a dim sum menu with some pretty good variety and prices ($3.75 for most dishes) but the quality was so-so. We ordered fried shrimp in taro, siu mai, steamed pork buns, long beach noodles, glutinous rice with chicken, shrimp dumplings. The size of the actual dishes were smaller than I expected, and they did not seem particularly fresh or home-made. It almost seemed like they could have gotten them frozen. The shrimp dumplings in particular did not taste fresh, even though they were called "fresh shrimp dumplings." All in all it was very mediocre, except maybe the long beach noodles which actually tasted pretty good. But it was cheap and seemingly the only option around. I dont think I'd go back though.

Does anyone know of any other dim sum around Syracuse? (Don't suggest Hai Hong in Ithaca because it's too far for me.) I'm worried it's unlikely that there's somewhere else considering that several people I've asked around answer with "What is dim sum?"

Hai Hong Restaurant
208 Dryden Rd Ste 2, Ithaca, NY 14850

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  1. Check out China Road and and the Great Wall in Cicero. See if they do dim sum.


    China Road
    2204 Brewerton Rd Ste 1, Syracuse, NY 13211

    1. Nope, that is the only Dim Sum in Syracuse. China Road does not do Dim Sum.
      If you don't mind driving to Rochester, there are some very good Dim Sum places there. I do miss Dim Sum in NYC. I am pretty sure they do make everything there at China Pavilion, I have met the owners and they take a lot of pride in their restaurant. China Road's regular menu is very good - but honestly, I think China Pavilion has the best Chinese food in Syracuse.

      China Road
      2204 Brewerton Rd Ste 1, Syracuse, NY 13211

      China Pavilion Restaurant
      2318 W Genesee St Stop 5, Syracuse, NY 13219