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Sep 6, 2010 07:21 PM

best way to store radishes in fridge?

The last bunch I got dried up before I used all of it (I just stuck it in the fridge). I just picked up a large beautiful bunch that I'd like to keep fresh for several days. Ideas? TIA.

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  1. I'd wrap it like herbs when brought home from the store: wrap in damp paper towels and into a ziploc; keep in the crisper.

    1. I trim the roots and tops off, then store them unwashed in a plastic container. Wash and slice just before using. Last week I picked up a plastic-wrapped foam tray of them from the mark-down rack. The radishes themselves were in good shape but what greens hadn't already been lopped off were wilted and rotting. A week later, and they are still in prime shape. As long as they are in a sealed bag or container, radishes do not need the moisture that greens do. Treat them like their carrot cousins..

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        If they do dry out just put in a bowl with water and they will recover.

      2. Cherylptw and greygarious, thank you. Based on your recommendations, I lobbed off the roots and tops, and I'm storing them unwashed in the crisper. And greygarious, I'd never thought to cook the greens, but reading your post on another thread re: radishes had me curious. Topped with some homemade garlic chips and a pinch of red pepper flakes...they were so delicious. Thanks!