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Sep 6, 2010 06:59 PM

Lellis in Southfield, MI ????

A friend told me she saw a sign in Southfield around Northwestern Hwy area that Lellis was coming soon to that location. I checked their website to try and find more info, but couldn't find any. Does anyone know more details? I am really hoping since it would be closer to home.

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  1. I have heard it's not Southfield but will be going in at the restaurant spot at the golf course at 13 and Haggerty in Farmington Hills.

      1. re: coney with everything

        Just wondering; will the Auburn Hills location will survive?

        1. re: rainsux

          There is a sign in front of the restaurant where Copper Hills Golf Club is saying opening soon Lellis On The Green on 12 mile between Halstead and Haggerty in Farmington Hills. The sign also says since 1939 so it appears to be the real Lellis.

          1. re: icemantoo

            Run by one of the sons of the Detroit owners, of course. One son in each location.

        1. re: JanPrimus

          This sounds slightly less expensive than I had anticipated. Definitely going to give it a shot, even though I'll feel like a "fish out of water" at a country club.

        2. I went to Lelli's last night (a Tuesday) with a group of 14 women. The restaurant was beautiful, but packed and loud.

          The food was fantastic. The house wines were relatively inexpensive conisdering the price of the entrees, $7 and $8 a glass.

          Unfotunately the service was seriously lacking. They told us they'd put us in a private room. They didn't tell us it was two tables and the wait staff would constantly be walking through the middle of our room to service tables on either side. The restaurant was super loud making it hard to hear even the people sitting next to you.

          We had an older waiter who didn't appreciate answering questions and was losing his cool with simple special orders like I want double the spinach and no potatoes. At the end he not very graciously told us he didn't add the tip in because it was obvious we weren't happy with the service. He also brought the check before offering coffee or dessert. Very anxious to be rid fo us.

          But the food....the Chateaubriand for two is $39 per person. It comes with a relish tray (kinda weak) consisting of cold cuts, cheese, olives, soggy shrimp. It also comes with wonderful Thick and hearty with a slightly sweet taste. That's followed by a side of spaghetti with palamino sauce. Then the bring the sizzing beef and carve it table side, pour the zip sauce over it and serve it with creamed spinach and wonderful mashed potatoes. The portions are generous. Desssert is spumoni or lemon ice.

          The veal marsala and chicken piccata were also perfectly prepared.

          Despite the lousy service and accomodations, I'd definitely recommend it. It's a great special occasion place.

          Tomorrow night, A Matter of Taste in Commerce.

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            Great report, Rosedale. Thx for the read. Yum!

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              RE: It's A Matter Of Taste in were the raisins? ;)

              Do tell!

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                Yes, thanks for the review! I want to try the FH location, but the one thing I really love about Lelli's is the excellent service that I've received over the many years. First the ambiance of the Detroit location was lost and now service. I don't know if I could handle it :) . Maybe I'll wait a bit until they get their service side together.