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Sep 6, 2010 06:32 PM

Burgundy Restaurants

I'm staying in Chambolle-Musigny for 3 nights and need some help with restaurants. I'll be in the area on an upcoming Sat, Sun, and Mon. It seems a lot of restaurants are closed on Sunday and I especially need help for that day. I'll have a car and am willing if necessary to drive to Dijon or Beaune area.Please give me comments, suggestions and additions to my list.I need to pick 3 dinners and 2 lunches. Thanks.
La Cabotte
Le Montrachet
La Chambolle
Ma Cuisine
Le Millesime
Abbaye de la Bussiere(i think open sunday)
Le Chassagne
Olivier Leflaive - how's the tasting?

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  1. We stayed at O-Leflaive, and did the tasting, almost 2 years ago, so things may have changed a bit. The food was rustic, and nothing special, but the wine tasting itself was very good, as was the opportunity to visit both the vineyard (i.e., fields), and the wine-making facilities. Our dinner at Le Montrachet, on the other hand, was outstanding.

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      Can anybody recommend a restaurant that is open on Sunday?

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        It ha been a while but take a look at:
        Pre aux Clercs in Dijon
        Les Gourmets in Marcennay (new owner a couple of years ago)

        Many restaurants open on Sunday-this is nt Paris

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          "Can anybody recommend a restaurant that is open on Sunday?"

          Ask the ferme de la Ruchotte.

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            In Dijon I recommend 1*
            L'Pre aux Clercs
            We had the 95E tasting menu, and some of the courses were outstanding.
            The main soup contained at least half a Lobster in a light Cream base with tomato, and red currents .
            It was worth the entire meal.
            Another excellent course was a Cassolette of Crawfish and Chanterelles.
            A lovely Cod with a play on Radishes.
            The Main Sweetbreads with Risotto and Truffles was a bit boring.
            Nice selection of Cheeses as well.
            If you like sweets they brought a tray of Chocolate desserts and a tray of Red Fruit Desserts, Candy, etc..
            We thought they were too sweet, but we were stuffed, anyway.
            They are not open Sunday, but neither is the Market, and I imagine if you are going to Dijon you would want to go on a Market day.
            Around the Market for Lunch, our next best and cheapest meal was a Restaurant called
            Le Marche de L'Huite
            We ordered the Bulots 9E generous portion served with two sauces.
            The Mussels Provencele 12E Gigantic portion.
            We had just returned from a week in Brussels where portions are large, this bowl was endless.
            They are smaller than the Dutch Mussels but were very sweet.
            Nice selection of Wine as well.

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              Michelin shows Pre aux Clercs open for lunch on Sunday, closed for dinner.

              1. re: jehflyer

                You may be correct.
                We inquired about Dinner only.

      2. Malan, I believe Stephane Leger's Le Chassagne in Chassagne-Montrachet is open Sunday (terrific creative food). In Beaune both Le Gourmandin (place Carnot) and La Ciboulette (rue de Lorraine) are. Both of these serve burgundian standards as well as some creative dishes.

        1. Oliver Leflaive tasting is a lot of fun - 14 wines with a good basic Burgundian lunch. Might want to plan for a walk after or take a taxi. Pretty good information on their website.

          Another two tasting tables nearer to Chambolle are Pierre Bouree in Gevrey ( or Comte Senard in Aloxe ( Food at both is rustic Burgundian. Senard has a local lady who makes a great Coq-a-vin.

          One of your dinners should definately be at Ma Cuisine. They have an odd schedule, but are open on Monday . Also I agree wtih PierreRovani, Le Chassagne is excellent. Can't go wrong with Le Montrachet, but bring your big wallet. Will be trying La Cabotte myself for the first time in November, but have heard some very good things. Chez Guy in Gevrey is also great and worth one of your dinner spots ( Many Beaune restaurants are open on Sunday. No real suggestions for Dijon. Sunday brunch/lunch at La Cuverie in Savigny-Les-Beaune is good - not high-cuisine.

          Hope this helps!

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            Wow, thanks! I'm going to copy all this info for March. ;)

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              I second Ma Cuisine. Had a wonderful lunch there 2 weeks ago. Hubby Poo drank, I repeat, drank down his ├ępoisse, until nothing was not left on the plate.

              1. re: Parigi

                Of all things at Ma Cuisine, all of which I loved, the Epoisses HAUNTS me... it was perfection.