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Sep 6, 2010 05:44 PM

Ideas for Bulgogi Tacos/Burritos

Last month I had my first bulgogi burrito and I can't get it out of my mind. I have some marinade and a jar of kim chi to get me started. The burrito had kim chi, bugogi, fried rice, cilantro, and a slaw that had napa cabbage w/ a mayo dressing that actually brought it all together (I'm not big on mayo, but it worked). This will probably be a semi-homemade deal, for instance I will buy the fried rice, but probably make a slaw. I only saw a couple of recipes on the net; however, I need inspiration as to what to put in the tacos or burrito. I also have a few questions too, what kind of fried rice? There are two Thai places w/ great fried rice right near my house. Should I use Thai fried rice or is another type more appropriate? The majority of recipes call for sauteing the kim chi, I assume they use a vegetable oil. Lastly, do corn or flour tortillas work best for the tacos. PS how long do you think the smell of the kim chi takes to dissipate in a studio apt? I'm planning on enjoying my tacos next weekend, but I'm having some non chowish friends over one afternoon. I'm looking for creative combinations for the tacos/burritos. Thanks

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  1. I remember finding this recipe for kalbi tacos when the whole Kogi Taco Truck sort of blew up. I've never had the original, but this version sounds great!

    1. I think sauteeing kimchi with lard would be most excellent.


        The recipe there is for a chicken taco, but would work with beef or pork - just substitute the appropriate broth for the meat if using broth in the marinade.

        1. Sautee kimchi in bacon grease and puree until fairly smooth. Set aside. Prepare napa slaw with cilantro, scallions, cucumber, lime juice and creme fraiche. Chill. Assemble tacos by filling a heated corn tortilla with a piece of red lettuce, warm bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, napa slaw and drizzling with the kimchi salsa. Top with shredded mild cheddar cheese.

          As per your other questions, usually I saute kimchi in pork fat. I think it highlights the sweetness of the vegetables better. Unless you are sauteeing a kilo of kimchi in a ton of lard, the smell should not linger. As for the rice, I would use something mild like kimchi fried rice or even a simple vegetable fried rice.

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          1. Thanks all, your suggestions are making my mouth water. I have a feeling I am going to be doing a lot of experimenting.