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Sep 6, 2010 03:35 PM

Wonton King (SE Marine Dr, Vanc) Gone ? / Panos Greek

Drove by on Saturday. Store front looks completely gutted, and sign is gone. I recall there was recent mentioning that they are closed (for renovations ?). Either that or they've packed up, which would be kind of shocking considering how long the resto has been there. Anyone has better info ?


On a different note, it was actually Pano's new sign in the parking lot and their new awning that first got my attention. So it looks like they've put some $ into a bit of external makeover (their exterior used to look dilapidated to me). I've never eaten in there but have heard good things about it. Again, does anyone have good insight on their recent happenings ?


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  1. just tried to phone and the number is out of service