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Sep 6, 2010 02:10 PM

Best value Lamb in Calgary?

Any suggestions where can I find the best value lamb in the city?

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  1. Price-wise the New Zealand lamb products (in the green packaging, can't remember the brand name) is usually around 25% less at Superstore than at Safeway or Co-op. While I've eaten lots of the NZ, this summer we bought fresh (Alberta, I think) lamb at Sunterra a couple of times, and it is roughly double the price, but really delicious. The NZ has more of a strong lamb flavour, the AB doesn't have as much of what I would describe as a "mutton" taste. Mutton is technically supposed to be a lamb over a year old. Both good; depends what you are looking for in your lamb.

    1. I like the lamb from Cosco. I think it's from New Zealand; I wouldn't say the flavour is exceptionally strong although I can only speak for the chops. If you happen to hit upon a "special deal" it can be quite the value indeed.

      1. I picked up a couple of frozen NZ racks at T&T yesterday for $8.99 each. Seems like a pretty good deal.

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          I've also gotten the frozen lamb racks at T&T for cheap.

          As a tangent - Vacuum-packed beef ribs as well... two racks for ~$20.

        2. I second Costco; we buy the loin chops and they are from Australia (so it says on the label). Mild lamb-y flavor. Your next best bet is probably the frozen stuff at Superstore. The lamb from NZ and OZ tend to have a stronger flavor, NZ for me being the strongest. I find Alberta lamb extremely mild and only available seasonally, plus it's the most expensive.