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Sep 6, 2010 02:02 PM

in town Oct 16-21

Never been to NYC before. I am sure I'll be overwhelmed. I'll be neat Time Square.
I'd like to
1. eat casual but reasonably priced and good, nothing fancy, any type of cuisine.
2. Visit used bookshops, general interest.
3(might sound stupid but... can I walk to Ground Zero from TS?). I am a ff and want to pay my respects.
Now off to the internet to do some research but thought I'd ask here as well.

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  1. Re: 2 and 3 These are not food-related, and any responses not related to food will be removed by the moderators.

    re: 1 If I were to ask such a vague question regarding say, San Francisco, would you be able to give me reliable recommendations? Use dollars amounts. "Reasonably priced" does not tell anybody what you want to spend. "any type of cuisine" ? What do you particularly like or dislike? You must have some preferences. Do you like traditional cooking, cutting edge, updated classics? "Now off to the internet to do some research" There you have the right idea. After doing your research, come back and ask more specific questions. Then you will get some useful advice.

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      OK will do. I hadn't thought about the non food questions. Sorry, I shall make note of it in future postings. thanks,Bill

    2. Search on terms like "9th Avenue," "Hell's Kitchen," and "Pre-Theater" for places near where you'll be staying, but for other parts of Manhattan, you'll need other search terms. You could also do well to search for posts by kathryn, who posts terrific links to a whole host of different topics and sub-topics.