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Sep 6, 2010 01:47 PM

Carnevino or B&B?

Coming for 2 nights with my husband and another couple.. Should we do Carnevino or B&B in the Venetian?
Also, thinking Table 10 for the second night or open to suggestions (not another steakhouse).


Table 10
3327 Las Vegas Blvd South Suite 2900, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. I hear good things about Carne Vino. I cannot say enough bad about B&B. I would recommend to anyone to avoid this place. When my wife and I went there, not only did they forget one of our entrees, they didn't check on us for 45 minutes, charged us for the missed entree despite us telling them it was missing, and then accused us of lying to get out of paying for the missing item. A manager we had never seen before swore up and down she had personally delivered the dish. I could say this was an isolated event...but check out the comments about the places on tripadvisor and decide for yourself.

    1. We were just at Carne Vino two weeks was amazing. I highly recommend it.

      1. Thanks. Would you suggest CarneVino and then Table 10 as our 2 choices? We're 2 youngish couples so a nice, fun ambience could be nice too (but we also want great food!) Thanks for your suggestions!

        Table 10
        3327 Las Vegas Blvd South Suite 2900, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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          I'm not an Emeril fan so I've never been to Table 10 and don't know much about it. Sorry.

          3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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            Any reason why you picked two restaurants on the same property? I would look into Sage in Aria.

          2. I have been to both and would say it depends on what you want. The steaks at Carnevino were wonderful and very large. Service was great. If you want Italian I would recommend B&B, I know it is not a popular place on this board but I have been there four times now and have always had a positive experience, including the last one two weeks ago where we only ordered apps. We told them up front that is what we wanted and they were great recommending something new for us and a wine that went great with them. We were there in February and had the mint love letters and thought they were one of the best things we had eaten in a long time.

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              I also had a negative experience at B&B and would not recommend it.

            2. We've been to both and absolutely love Babbo in NYC, trying to go there every time we are in Manhattan. We are big Batali fans and have visited many of his other establishments too.

              B & B has the same menu as Babbo. We, unfortunately had 2 not-so good experiences at B & B and will not go back (I believe I posted a review some time back).

              Carnevino, on the other hand, has never disappointed us. We don't consider it a steakhouse as the menu is filled with many interesting choices and we rarely order steak there. We have never been less than thrilled by anything put before us and the service is outstanding. Professional and personable. Our most recent visit was just 3 days ago.

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                I just had to add to this. I posted on this thread before, but Carne Vino really is a great restaurant. And you are right MSK, it can be a non-Steak House if you want it to be...there are so many other choices. But it is great as a steak house as well!

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                  CarneVino Italian Steakhouse
                  3325 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

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                    I'll pile on, I went to Carne Vino a couple of days ago and enjoyed it. The crazy aged meat is really unique (at least in my experience) and doesn't taste like anywhere else; that said, if you want a more traditional steak experience, you'd be better off at Cut or Craft or wherever.

                    Service was great -- such a change from the awful experience we had at B&B.