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Sep 6, 2010 01:22 PM

Stinky Tofu in London or further afield

I've tried Chou Doufu (stinky tofu) in Yunnan, Hong Kong and Boston and as long as it's fried it's delicious. Steamed is like someone farting in your mouth.

But where can I find Stinky Tofu in London or even the rest of the UK? I've scoured the web to no avail so help me out here 'Hounds if you know anywhere that serves the stinky stuff. I'm sure it must be sold somewhere local because they served it up fresh on Big Brother last week (filmed up in Borehamwood).

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  1. Don't know for sure, and also not sure if they're good candidate places but Taiwanese (Leong's Legends in Chinatown and Bayswater), Shanghainese (Red Sun in Marylebone) and Hunanese (Golden Day in Chinatown, Local Friends in Golders Green) places are probably your best places to ask. I'd probably start with the Hunan places first.