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Sep 6, 2010 01:20 PM

Recommendations for Mont Tremblant

We are looking for suggestions for a late dinner in the village. We want to avoid the tourist traps, and I'm thinking that maybe a brew/gastro pub or a steak joint would might be a safe bet. However, we are fairly adventurous and will try just about anything. Any recommendations - either for places to try, or places to avoid? Thanks!

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  1. It has been a long time since I've been there but unless things have changed, I found that the Québécois took so much pride in their food that I never had a bad meal there, from diners to white table cloth ones. Yes they might not be friendly, yes they may not acknowledge knowing the English language but when it came to their food they would never foist the mediocre bilge that is so much the case here where tourists go.

    1. There are a few threads on Mont Tremblant - if you do a search of this board, you'll find them. My personal favourite is in St-Jovite (well, technically it's all Mont Tremblant now), called sEb - you won't find better (or anything even close) in the village itself.

      1. Thanks for your suggestions. Although it was clear from the postings that the best food in the area is to be found in St-Jovite, we didn't feel like driving and opted for something within walking distance of our hotel (Fairmont Tremblant). We ate at Microbrasserie La Diable ( The beer was fantastic - they had a nice selection and we liked everything we tried. The service was a bit indifferent, but the food was fine. Nothing exceptional, but decent quality, a fair price, and reasonable portions. Cheers!

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          It's good to know that the Québécois have not changed, good for them!

        2. A friend and I wanted to eat at sEb but alas, it was closed for a cooking class on the one night we spent at Tremblant. Chef/owner Sebastian was so apologetic he invited us in for a cocktail and upon being asked for a recommendation in the area promptly made us a reservation for La Petite Cachee in the Old Village. His recommendation was spot on (no surprise there). Conclusion: Chef Sebastian, you are a fine fellow.

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            Yes! La Petite Cachée is GREAT... You can't go wrong with anything here, especially the braised ribs or whatever strikes your fancy up on their blackboard. It's not in the "touristy" part of Tremblant (i.e. the Intrawest faux-swiss pedestrian village), but well worth the 5-10 minute car ride.

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              Do you know if La Petite Cachee offers lunch? I checked their website and it doesn't say opening hours. I am looking for nice spots for lunch this weekend and the menu looks so wonderful but we already have dinner spoken for.