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Sep 6, 2010 01:05 PM

Fettucine Alfredo - who has the best

Dear friend is a very picky eater and generally only orders chicken fettuccine when we eat out. For her 50th birthday we would like to take her out for the best chicken fettuccine in the Seattle area. Looking for suggestions. When fettuccine is not available she orders anything chocolate!

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  1. Teaka, While not a traditional chicken fettuccine preparation, the Suprema DiPollo Farcita at Il Terrazo Carmine will expand your friend's horizons. Highly recommended.

    1. suffering from an attack of cognitive dissonance here - "fettucine alfredo" is a presentation of wide egg noodles in a sauce of butter and grated cheese originated in the roaring 20s at alfredo's in rome and badly imitated everywhere else; "chicken fettucine" has no real definition other than the obvious combination of wide egg noodles and chicken. in any case, taking a 'fussy eater' out for dinner to a place she does not know may not be the best idea; not everyone is interested in expanding their culinary horizons and some - your friend? - actively hate the idea. why not go to a place you know she likes, order a very fine bottle of champagne and toast her half century.

      1. If you're looking for cream-based alfredo, check out Rialto in Fremont. Excellent alfredo, excellent pasta, excellent service and won't break the bank. They also have a chocolate pudding cake dessert that looks fabulous (but I've never had room left after dinner to try it!).