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Sep 6, 2010 11:25 AM

Advice on CT apple orchards and cafes?

Wanting to make a daytrip from NYC to an orchard in CT (ideally no more than 1.5 hour drive).

Any recommendations on orchards? Would like a wide variety of pick-your-own apples and a good market (baked goods, etc.) Would also like to make a day of the excursion and get lunch nearby -- a cozy cafe or diner. Nothing fussy. Preferably local farm-fare.


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  1. Maybe Bishop Orchard in Guilford, or Bishop Farms in Cheshire? You will have to drive east of the Housatonic because land in Fairfield County is too precious for growing apples...

    1. There is also Silverman's in Easton

      1. never been but hereis one in easton. it is the only one jfood can think of in FFD Cty

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          Blue Jay Orchards in Bethel is also in Fairfield County, and pretty close to I-84. It's a nice family business and in a pretty area.


          Beardsley Cider Mill and orchard in the White Hills section of Shelton is also Fairfield County. Great choice. and Nearby in White Hills is the Jones Farm and winery, they do berries, pumkins, Christmas trees and wine. Both off Rt 110 and within your driving distance from NYC.

          1. Also, Silverman Farms on Sport Hill Rd (RT 59) in Easton. This is Exit 46 on the Merritt Parkway and then go north to the farm.


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              re the OP's "wide variety" requirement, please be aware that while Silverman's does grow a wide variety of apples, they only open up one or two varieties to pickers each day.