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Sep 6, 2010 10:48 AM

Northern New Mexico & Durango

Fellow hounds! I'm taking a long awaited trip to northern New Mex with a few days each in Taos, Farmington and across the border to Durango and Monument Valley. I have been told not to miss Orlando's in Taos and El Farolito in El Rito.

Can you name a few other "don't miss" spots in the area? Thanks in advance for your help.

El Farolito Restaurant
1212 Main, El Rito, NM 87530

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  1. Durango is no longer on this board, it is on Mountain States board. I have posted my Durango favorites here:

    There are several threads here about Taos. Grahams Grill, Love Apple, Dragonfly, Lambert's are all very good.

    Sadly, there isn't much chowworthy in Farmington [you are spending a few days there, not a lot to see or do there either ??]There are mostly chain restaurants. There is a brewery that has decent pub food: but I see they have a new brewmaster and since I haven't eaten there in a few year, can't vouch for it too much.

    1. If you travels take you through, or near, Cuba - plan on having a meal at El Bruno. On my way to Farmington Friday, three of us stopped at El Bruno for lunch (as we always do when coming through Cuba) and had a meal which we all felt was even better than in the past. I ordered "Torreon" - a Navajo taco. The other two each ordered "Regina" - stuffed sopaipillas. All three lunches cost $6.95 and were served with chips, salsa, and a fresh warm sopaipilla with honey.

      Today concludes the 50th class reunion of my Farmington High School Class of 1960 and I will be going through Cuba again. My travel companion and I plan on stopping at El Bruno for lunch. Wonder what I'll have?

      In Farmington, even though I didn't get to visit it on this trip, an excellent place to eat is Three Rivers Brewpub and Sandwiches. If local beer is an interest, this is a must stop. If excellent sandwiches are a priority, this is a must stop. Their homemade root beer is a drink I frequently enjoy. Three Rivers is at 101 E Main Street (@ Orchard Avenue) on the SE corner.

      Farmington has several Blake's Lotaburger locations, which are always appropriate for a very good green chile cheeseburger. Actually, any Blake's Lotaburger encountered on your trip will provide you with a very good green chile cheeseburger.

      Also, right now bags of fresh Hatch chile peppers are readily available at several Farmington stores.

      Culinarilly speaking (Is that a word?), the meal at El Bruno was the highlight of the entire trip.