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Sep 6, 2010 10:45 AM

Restaurant Den Gouden Harynck in Brugge

Has anyone eaten here this year and did it live up to your expectations?

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  1. It's about 3 years ago I had dinner there and I loved it. Everyone I know went there was pleased, Den Gouden Harynck is the kind of restaurant that never disappoints. It's original, but doesn't want to be trendy. The chef's knowledge of herbs is amazing and he knows to balance them really well. The atmosphere is nice and the food fantastic. The details fit as well: a good sommelier who pairs very nice wines and a perfect cheese platter for instance. Go and taste it!

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    1. re: Bill Shankly

      Where's it at in the city and what time of year where you there?

      1. re: Wayward biker

        It must have been May 2007. The restaurant lies behind the Groeninge museum right in the center, in a very charming part of the city.