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Sep 6, 2010 10:40 AM

Need a recommendation near Arc Light Hwd

Need someplace casual and good near Arc Light Hollywod (Vine) tonight after movies.

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  1. Los Balcones del Peru, on Vine about 2 blocks south of Sunset just got a much needed facelift and is looking quite nice. I've always liked the Ceviche los Balcones, and their aji sauce is nice and spicy, as I like it. If you want meat, the Bistek A Lo Pobre is very enjoyable. The steak is well grilled, and I like the fried egg on top. I've had mixed luck with the lomo saltado. If you want cooked fish, as opposed to ceviche, I can recommend the Pescado A La Chorrillana, which is a simple seared filet with onion and bell peppers.

    Service is, shall we say, relaxed. This is a good place to go after the movies or another event, not before.

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    1. re: lil mikey

      Los Balcones is usually closed on Mondays.

    2. Lots of choices:

      Both MAGNOLIA and BOWERY are walking distance to the east. Both are casual and good. Even more casual and just as good is TENDER GREENS, recently opened. All are on Sunset just east of Vine.

      HUNGRY CAT across the street splits people but I enjoy it. Wonderful cocktails and very good food.

      I am also a fan of DELPHINE, newly opened in the lobby of the W at Hollywood and Vine. Very good french bistro food, good drinks, reasonable prices.

      MUSSO'S is closed Mondays or that also would be a good choice. I have not been to a couple of the newer places just west of Arclight on Sunset.

      1. i had good experience at boho which is on the edge of the arclight complex. i wasn't expecting much, but they had a pretty good burger and it was a nice atmosphere.

        totally agree with bowery sunset -- great food, but it gets really crowded.

        i love cat & fiddle - english pub food - nothing spectacular, but a fun place.

        and there's always roscoe's - can't go wrong with chicken & waffles.

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        1. re: nachosaurus

          I believe (but haven't seen for myself) that Boho on Sunset has shuttered and will be moving to the Hollywood and Highland complex.

          From Eater:

          And, given the seafood mentioned in your profile info, I would strongly second Hungry Cat across the street.

          1. re: LATrapp

            thanks, but since having an absurdly awful experience at hungry cat, it was placed on my "do not ever eat" list (it was service related).

        2. Bodega Wine Bar (3rd location after Santa Monica and Pasadena) just opend next door to Tender greens about a block away from ArcLight. Good music, wine, sake, beer, late menu too...cheese plates, salads, pannini

          Bodega Wine Bar
          814 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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          1. re: travelingsalesman

            A GREAT addition to the area. Love Bodega in Pasadena, if this one is as good, it will be packed.

          2. La Numero Uno, on Vine just below Fountain. The new ownership has a Salvadorean/Mexican menu, with delicious results. Homemade, inexpensive, pretty awesome. The proximity to Arclight cinches it for me - it's a hole-in-the wall, blink if you miss it joint - but the food is authentic and stellar.