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Sep 6, 2010 10:31 AM

Fantasy food trip

I heard about this European tour next year, hosted by Jacques Pepin....if only I had $8000 I didn't know what to do with!

If I were to plan a fantasy chow tour, it would be something pretty similar. ( And with magically-disappearing calories, with no effect on cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.) What's YOUR fantasy food trip?

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  1. Well, since this is fantasy! It would be a road-trip that miracuously didn't allow me to gain a single pound, and I could eat all I want, without fear.

    Whew, having said that, it would be a tour of diners, drive-inn's and dives across the United States and Canada.

    OR, a tour of best pizzerias around the U.S.

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    1. re: natewrites

      You're right, how could I neglect to mention that the calories disappear! I edited OP to include that caveat.

    2. First of all it wouldn't cost me a penny, being a fantasy. I'd be accompanied by the most interesting chefs on earth, at least a few so it would be like a giant party. I'd start in Rome or maybe Tuscany, and then go south, to Naples, Sicily, Greece, Turkey, maybe Morrocco for good measure. Maybe I would dedicate the rest of my life to this trip and write my memoirs just before I pass on.

      1. This is so difficult a question - not least because I'm always changing my mind about "favourite foods". So, I'll have to be vague and say it would be one where I learned more food than I know now.

        We have actually been doing a sort of food journey for the last couple of years in North West England. The UK's premier restaurant guide is the appropriately named "Good Food Guide". We've been visiting every listed place within a hours drive of home. Nearly finished now (although a new edition is just about ready to come out). We've learned so much about good regional food and just how good so many nearby places are.

        But for a real fantasy, I'd like to visit as many countries as the fantasy bank will provide the money for. I'd then like to watch "the master" prepare the iconic dish of that country and I then get to eat it.

        1. I would do a food tour of Spain, start in Barcelona and travel northwest to the Basque country, stopping in Rioja for wine along the way. Travel through basque country to Galicia and down through Castille y Leon to Madrid and then south the Granada and the Costa del sol.

          Not that I have thought about this a lot or anything...

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          1. re: kris9

            Did you read that swell book on Spanish food (emphasis on jamon Iberico) called "A Late Dinner" by Paul Richardson? Armchair travel at its best. It engrossed me so much I was able to read a couple of chapters in the emergency room waiting to be seen for a broken elbow!

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              Andalucia is my favourite part of Spain for eating (although we visit less often than the Balearics or Canaries). It's the essence of taking excellent ingredients and doing so very little with them - like sitting in a restaurant in Estepona, on the Costa, and ordering what translated as "fried fish & salad". Wonderful.

            2. I'd do a Regional Specialties Road Trip. I want Carolina BBQ and Frogmore stew. I want hushpuppies, and I want turtle soup. Want fried chicken, and catfish, and jambalaya and mufaletta. I also want whitefish boil, baked beans, rhubarb pie and tomato pie. Some authentic baked beans and Southwestern enchiladas, dungeness and sourdough, conch fritters and grouper. I'd top that off by gettting a hot dog in the Windy City, and dessert would be shoofly pie!

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              1. re: mamachef

                This would be my fantasy trip too. Perfect home made pie at every other stop-with flaky home made crust. That would leave room for other types of desserts.
                I would love some of the more obscure specialties-tamale trail in the Miss delta, chile bun trail in eastern Ky and ....some I probably don't know!

                1. re: wekick

                  Pepperoni rolls in Eastern Ky. too - canNOT forget those. And when in Miss., one must have fried dill pickle with one's tamales and saltines!! Marinated crab at Lusco's! Loooove the pie idea...cherry in Mich., strawberry-rhubarb in Minn., apple or maple syrup pie in Vt., Key Lime in Fla....I could go on, but.......wekick, I like the way you think.