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Sep 6, 2010 09:01 AM

which restaurant in Bonn--only one evening

I am traveling to Bonn for business, and there will be one evening where I will be dining alone can finally choose the restaurant.

I am very willing to go the extra mile for food. So even though I will be staying at Bonn, I have made reservation for Vendome only because I saw the most recent top 50 restaurant ranking.

However, after reading the mixed reviews on Chowhound and the only English review on tripadvisor makes me wonder if it is worth the trip (and safe enough) to be taking the taxi all the way from Bonn, especially I am a girl all alone and I will be very jet lagged. And another concern is that from the blogs/reviews I have read, they mention the 25 course prix-fixe meal. I would usually take the prix-fixe so I can sample many dishes, but 25 course would be really too much for me. I tried to find their menu on the web but failed, what other options do I have?

FYR, my most recent fine dining experience is at Alinea and it totally blow me away. I'd say I care more about the taste and the creativity of the dish rather than the decor and service. I imagine for the rest of the trip I will be dining at somewhat mid-upscale (but not super pricy) more local cuisine type of places.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. How about Halbedel's Gasthaus ( Granted, I haven't eaten there in a while, but it's much closer (in Bad Godesberg, so the cab ride shouldn't be long or expensive). The food is German/French.

    Also, there is Kräutergarten in Adendorf ( It is very reasonably priced, and the food is pretty awesome. NOT Alinea awesome, but given that you're jet-lagged, maybe awesome enough.

    (My comment about the jet-lag is based on my very own personal experience of feeling that my tastebuds sometimes take as long as missent luggage to return to me after a trip, so I generally avoid very subtle or very expensive foods, 'cause they're wasted on me.... hmm. sounds like a great idea for a new thread.)

      1. So... where'd ya end up, or has the business trip not taken place yet? Curious minds n all...