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Sep 6, 2010 08:33 AM

"Ethnic" Grocery Stores in Milwaukee

We are now living in Milwaukee, in the Whitefish Bay area, and are desperately seeking "ethnic" grocery stores, specifically, Asian markets and Middle Eastern markets.

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  1. The north shore suburbs are not a real fertile area for ethnic groceries, but finding them will give you a chance to explore the city.

    I had occasion out check out Rhino Foods at around 74th & Hampton this weekend. It turned out to be one of the larger and better stocked Asian groceries around and includes a deli counter too. Lots of meat and seafood. Good looking produce. Plus I noticed a lot of Jamaican products on their shelves.

    There is a very nice little Indian grocery at 107th and North Avenue, and for Mexican, it's hard to beat El Rey at 35th & Burnham. Excellent bakery in addition to great deli and meat departments. Glorioso's on Brady St is a fine little Italian grocery in the best Old World tradition.

    I'm afraid I cant direct you to a place for Middle Eastern foods. But any of the Sendik's locations (there are several in your neck of the woods) may have a lot of what you are looking for.

    1. I second Rhino foods - I have been shopping there for years. Very nice folks.

      For Middle Eastern, There is a market that I liked on Layton, that is in a strip mall behind "The Stone Sword" (who has an awesome bourbon steak BTW). I do not remember the name. There is also Holy Land Grocery & Bakery. 5326 South 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53221. Very nice people every time I have gone in. For Indian supplies, I cannot remember the name, but go out Silver Spring and take a right and go north just before the I-45 enterance. There is a great place that is in a strip mall with a laundrymat on the left hand side a couple of blocks in.
      I do not get there as often as I would like, but after you get a custard at Leon's, look across the street - you will see a wonderful asian store that is family run.

      But if you want asian groceries/asian supplies. Put a cooler into you car and drive to Niles, Il to Super H, and hit Asahi on the way back (a few block away headngg toward the highway). Well worth the trip. I have a couple of asian (Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese) ladies that I drive there with every three months or so to stock up on items.

      There is an asian "mall" ff of Mill road that did have good produce at decent prices the last time I went in (whch was a while ago) Mill and 76th, by CVS and Remy Battery.

      Toy;s in Sheboygan is good for asian/bosnian. Also in Sheboygan, across from the old Wisconsin sausage outlet is a decent Korean store (across the 5 way intersedtion - shoukld be obvious). And of you are in Sheboygan, check out Meisfield's butcher shop. My favorite. Otherwish, Grash's.

      sorry for typos - injured hand right now.

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        Went to Rhino Foods today and WOW. This place is awesome, I am in heaven. Huge store, knowledgeable staff, great selection. They have a counter which I think makes fresh papaya salad, though I did not ask. We will be back often. Thanks for the recommendations!

      2. Another Middle Eastern - closer than the last two I posted, but was just starting out the last time I was there and had low stock. Used to be a great little Asian store, not sure what happened but (around) 72nd and Villard, on a corner on the right hand side before a traffic light is a place that has Halal meat (goat, lamb) delivered Wed. around noon, and sells the cooked meat in sandwiches, plates on fridays. There was a mix of middle east/convience foods, some hookas, etc. Only stopped in right after he opened, owner seemed nice, Not in the best of areas.

        Speaking or areas - be careful after dark at Rhino. Don;t let it stop you, but there have been several car jackings/stabbings/etc at the gas station next to Rhino, and one attempted robbery there (the family beat the crap out of the hold up person was what I was told before the police got there). I will say that I used to drive to Rhino to get lunch - never had an issue.

        On the way to Rhino if you are going down Hampton, there is an asian place you sill see on the (I think) corner of Hampton and 68th (just past Fond Du Lac). Very dirty, grimy, etc. For a while the only place to get decent candied ginger when I had to get it for my father. This is one to avoid IMHO.

        Another place to visit in the daylight (it is around the corner from MPD Dist 3) is Viet Hoa.
        A room of some asian cooking accessories, and a good sized store filled with lots of frozen and some fresh fish, lots of spices/soups/ingredients/fresh produce (check carefully) and the better rice prices in the area. Well worth the trip.

        The place on 27th I mentioned across from Leon's Custard I believe is called Anh Chau grocery. In the same area there is "supposed" to be a new asian "supermarket" opening up but I have not heard anything about it. Anh Chau is 3170 South 27th Street

        The Stone Sword I mentioned is 789 W Layton Ave, Milwaukee, The Middle Eastern grocery is on the strip mall right next to them - I could not find out the name. There is also a Pakastani eating place there as well that I have not tried.

        The indian place I mentioned is Taj Grocery, 5597 North Lovers Lane Road.
        Clean store, lots of interesting things, frozen indian food, etc. Only place I ever bought some frozen food for my father that he thought was too spicy :)

        Since you are in Whitefish Bay, Sendiks has a fair fish store that is separate from the main store there. However, I prefer to go up the road to the sendiks on 10930 North Port Washington Road, Mequon, WI 53092 for my "real" shopping. Outside of going to Woodman's. There is a Woodman's in Oak Creek now, and one opening up the end of Good Hope rd later on this year. They have a (small) selection of the more common ethnic foods. Huge place.

        1. One I forgot -
          Chu Hai.
          7510 West Appleton Avenue

          1. for quick items in the city I go to the small Asian mart on 3rd across from Lucille's piano bar (between Highland and Juneau). Nice couple runs it, has the basics.