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Sep 6, 2010 08:32 AM

Restaurant Walking Distance from Pier 6 Brooklyn--and Gov. Island Nightmare!

bit of a rant...Went to Governer's Island yesterday left from Pier 6 in Bklyn, parked in the Quik lot--nothing but a nightmare of lines everywhere--at least there's a pretty cool playground there to keep the boy amused, but the lines were just insane--finally got over the Island, was looking forward to going to the PARKED event, food trucks--but alas, lines and lines and lines...people standing in the hot sun for over 2 hours to get anything from a truck. And half the trucks ran out of food. So, we had no eats--let to candy in a vending machine...and the place, well...all this talk about artist made miniature golf..what a dilapidated joke....there is absolutely nothing to do there except ride your bike around the island and make a picnic--of course, you better bring your own food--and account for standing in a line for the ferry for an hour..and then when you leave another line to get back to the absolute nightmare....

Anyway, back in Bklyn--needed food bad, and didn't have any of my lists with me--we were told by someone to leave our car in the lot and just walk it to Bklyn Heights--we were thinking of going to the Pita spot across from Blue Marble ice cream on atlantic if we just took the car out, but decided to try and walk since this person made it seem like it was just 5-6 blocks...big turned out to be much much further walk and we were so exhausted from all the walking on island and no food...I remembered Noodle Pudding name and so we walked there...get all the way there, and it's a 40 min wait--and frankly, I can't imagine why this place was ever described as child friendly....nothing about it seemed child friendly, and especially since they don't even have a children's menu and their menu to me seemed so limited----prices were okay.. but from what I saw standing outside--portions were, now we were stuck where to go and we were just wiped out...I remembered Teresa's on Montague street so we headed least no line to get in, and it was quiet and was okay...we had chopsteak, hamburger, pierogi's, potato pancakes...prices good--we were so hungry we would have eaten anything at this point..--place seemed fairly clean...service was friendly.. although.bathrooms need some serious help.....

Anyway.....the point of this rant, is to try to find some good sources of chow in WALKING DISTANCE (that means 10 blocks maximum) to Pier 6--as well as to warn others that Noodle Pudding is not child friendly as reported has no childrens menu, no booth seating--and long long waits. Perhaps they have delicous food as has been reported here, however, nothing on their menu appealed to me at all.

Noodle Pudding
38 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. Do you want child friendly or good food? There's The Moxie Spot on Atlantic Ave., fairly short walk to the pier. I wouldn't describe it as good food from a Chowhound perspective, but it's certainly child friendly -- it's also a "play space" and they have various games etc. in addition to a kid-centric menu. Another possibility would be to walk to the other end of the park (not super close) where they have various stands.

    Given your standards for child-friendly -- special kid's menu, booth seating and no wait -- I don't think there is anywhere I can think of around here that is both truly good food and child friendly. Bear in mind that most restaurants in Brownstone Brooklyn are child-friendly in that they are welcoming to children. However, also bear in mind that Pier 6, is pretty far away from most places (hence the number of unsold apartments at One Brooklyn Bridge Park).

    Noodle Pudding is child-friendly in that no one minds your kids acting like kids there. As for a children's menu, they always will do plain pasta, or pasta with tomato sauce for kids, but I don't know how much more of a children's menu you need than that. They have high chairs and booster seats... very few restaurants that I can think of in this area have booth seating, although most are "child friendly". The waits are very long unless you get there early or get lucky, that is very true. The food is tasty -- it's not winning any James Beard Awards -- but for red sauce Italian, at relatively affordable prices, it's a good neighborhood option. Also, there are always numerous daily specials, so the menu is not as limited as it might seem. Don't mean to come off as a big booster for Noodle Pudding -- it's a good reliable neighborhood spot -- not a destination -- but I've eaten there many times with various family groups from as young as 6 months to my 70+ plus Dad, and I do think it's a good family option.

    Noodle Pudding
    38 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Moxie Spot
    81 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    1. Glad you found Teresa's but there were many other options as well. If you walk up Atlantic toward Blue Marble, you would have passed several places within the 4 blocks to Court St that you could have been happy going to. Specifically, Waterfront Ale House (yes, it's a bar, but it has lots of booths and tables) is family friendly and has good food. There's also Waterfalls for Middle Eastern. Also, a right turn on Henry, 3 blocks or so off Atlantic, is Boca Lupo. Oh well.

      Of course you can chalk this up to after the fact help but, since it was Sunday, on street parking would have been just fine on Atlantic Ave if you took the car out of the lot & drove up toward the Blue Marble area. Meters are off and cars come and go frequently. You would have been a block from Downtown Atlantic, another good family friendly place.

      Lots of other possibilities for when you return, I guess.

      Oh... by the way.... nice to see Elaine S. posting again. Very few of us old timers left.

      edited to add: forgot to mention the most obvious choice that you missed. A new family friendly local Italian place not 2 blocks from the parking lot up Joralemon (parallel to Atlantic by one long block down at the park) called River Deli. Lots of recent posts here & most of us like it.

      Downtown Atlantic
      364 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

      Waterfront Ale House
      155 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. Boca Lupo on Henry Street is close by and child friendly, though I don't think it meets all of your requirements. (During the early dinner hours there are actually usually tons of parents with kids there.)

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        1. re: gnosh

          thank you to all ---we will defnitely be back in the area, because my kid really loved that playground--and will check out your helpful suggestions. Question for someone familiar with we were driving on Atlantic passing Bedford avenue, there was this huge red brick building that looked like a castle...could someone tell me what buidling that was? We came via Queens on the interboro and took Atlantic all the way to Pier 6.

          Yes, I do remember Elaine, also...I'm an old timer, too--from the very first days of chowhound...

          1. re: janie

            The big building you refer to is the Armory. It has housed a men's shelter for 20 years or so. Very impressive inside as well as outside.

          2. re: gnosh

            Second to Bocca Lupo - good food for kids (kids menu includes Mac/cheese and all items come with chocolate pudding, I defy any adults in your group not to vacuum up either of the above!) as well as adults. Go after 5:30 to have the Balsamic lamb chops. I often evangelize as the best option for combined kid and adult friendly in the area. We went there last night in fact.

            Bocca Lupo
            391 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

            1. re: cazique

              their menu looks terrific--will hit it next time for sure

          3. If you were to exit the park, make a right and walk down Columbia Street a few blocks, you would find several casual restaurants beginning at about Kane St. (5 Burro Cafe), then there's Alma, Jake's BBQ, a cute new sandwich shop called Fultummys, Mazzat, a Thai joint, a sushi place, and a few other options, including pizza, on Union St.

            208 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

            221 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

            1. You'll find more kid friendly eating the other direction in Columbia Waterfront/Cobble hill. We always go to Calexico on Columbia and Union for Burrito's/Tacos. Not a sit-down restaurant but very easy with our two year old. A place bahn Mi place just opened around the corner with a cute name, Full Tummy I think, that looks kid friendly. And then there are a bunch of places on Court Street., Luna Russo has fantastic pizza, but a little farther of a walk towards red hook. Sam's is closer and certainly has interesting character for kids. you kinda have to go with the flow, but we are definately comfortable there with kids. The wait staffs personality just livens things up.
              Noodle Pudding is not specifically a kids place, but we find it so loud in there that we can let our 2-year old make as much noise as she wants and no one blinks an eye. But she eats anything. Another idea is to have food delivered right to the park and have a picnic without any prep. The Calzones at Fascati's (brooklyn heights) are fantastic.

              Good luck next time. I'm really a big fan of Calexico.
              There is a place Leyla Jones, that I have not eaten at, but have been told it's good with kids, also on court. Buttermilk Channel has a kids menu too, and is a bit more upscale.

              Noodle Pudding
              38 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

              80 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

              122 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

              Buttermilk Channel
              524 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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              1. re: SpiceJunkies

                Layla Jones is good with kids -- and they have a backyard, and also booth seating in the dining room. Sadly, their pizza is flavorless and has a very strange crust that reminds me of something over than pizza that I can't quite place. However, the toddlers of my acquaintance are not as picky as I am.

                Layla Jones
                214 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                1. re: SpiceJunkies

                  Just to warn you, i wouldn't have food delivered to the park as you're not allowed to eat in the playgrounds and they're quite strict about it.

                  Boca Lupo is a great suggestion. In a different direction, Mazzat has terrific felafel. But if you're driving, I would def get in the car and just go eat whereever you want. If you want to stay in the general area, i vote for the pizza at enoteca on court st. even though it's a wine bar, they're very kid-friendly (no kid menu, but my kids have been going since it opened) and their pizza is very good.

                  208 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                  1. re: missmasala

                    Enoteca on Court pizza is very good. Favorite in the neighborhood at the moment.

                    When I was in the park on Sunday, I saw that there were tables and chairs set up, not in the playground but by the water, along the path, and people were picnicking. Looked like fun -- although the tables and chairs were pretty ugly bright plastic and we noted that we wished they'd gone with a more traditional picnic table!

                    Enoteca on Court
                    347 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                  2. re: SpiceJunkies

                    5 Burro Cafe might be better than Calexico with kids in tow, or any sizable group -- they have a large back garden.