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Sep 6, 2010 07:52 AM

Where to buy good prepared horseradish?

I don't buy it that often, but the last jar of Kelchner's I got from Whole Foods is just terrible. It has no heat whatsoever.

Where can I get good prepared horseradish?

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  1. Really? Kelchners was terrible? Maybe it was old, because that is my favorite horseradish of all. I've read good reviews for "silver springs"
    They're at Wegmans and Wal-Mart super centers

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      Agree to the hilt. Kelchner's is about the strongest and freshest you'll find around here (Bux/Mont area). Its made in Dublin, PA right off of 313. You can't get more local than that. And, "no heat?" You got a bum jar.

      But the big question long did you have the jar before you tried it? ALL horseradish has a very short shelf life. Don't blame the mfgr. if it sat for a few months.


      1. re: Chefpaulo

        I opened it the day I bought it. I guess it was sitting at Whole Foods for a while. Next time I'll look at the dates and pick from the back. Thanks guys.

    2. You definitely got a bum jar of Kelchner's, but if you're interested in taking horseradish to the next level, try True Natural Taste's Atomic Horseradish. You can find it at Their mustards are amazing, too.

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      1. re: phillybakingqueen

        i was just griping about my new jar of Atomic Extra Hot because it's got no heat. seriously, NONE. i'm beginning to think there was a harvest of wimpy roots this year!

        FYI, you can buy Atomic from several different online resources, and it's available in some supermarkets - here in LA i found it at Ralph's. unfortunately i don't think there are any Kroger-related supermarkets in Philly, but maybe another chain carries it.

      2. I've been getting Inglehoffer Extra Hot lately. About the only thing I don't like about it is the small size of the jar (4 oz)...but then again it does prevent me from keeping a single larger jar too long.

        1. Rick Nichols wrote an article in the Inquirer a little while back on a Long's horseradish.
          Unfortunately I can't find a link.

          I also think it may only be available at the Central Market in Lancaster and a few places around there.

          1. I've found that Kelchners is not what it used to be. Maybe it's hit or miss but I may have gotten my horseradish tastebuds changed and spoiled with Zayda's. Problem is it can't be found in the burbs. The only place that I know that sells Zayda's is Swiacki Meats polish butchers on Salmon St in Port Richmond.