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Where to buy good prepared horseradish?

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I don't buy it that often, but the last jar of Kelchner's I got from Whole Foods is just terrible. It has no heat whatsoever.

Where can I get good prepared horseradish?

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  1. Really? Kelchners was terrible? Maybe it was old, because that is my favorite horseradish of all. I've read good reviews for "silver springs"
    They're at Wegmans and Wal-Mart super centers

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      Agree to the hilt. Kelchner's is about the strongest and freshest you'll find around here (Bux/Mont area). Its made in Dublin, PA right off of 313. You can't get more local than that. And, "no heat?" You got a bum jar.

      But the big question is...how long did you have the jar before you tried it? ALL horseradish has a very short shelf life. Don't blame the mfgr. if it sat for a few months.


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        I opened it the day I bought it. I guess it was sitting at Whole Foods for a while. Next time I'll look at the dates and pick from the back. Thanks guys.

    2. You definitely got a bum jar of Kelchner's, but if you're interested in taking horseradish to the next level, try True Natural Taste's Atomic Horseradish. You can find it at http://truenaturaltaste.com/atomic-ho.... Their mustards are amazing, too.

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        i was just griping about my new jar of Atomic Extra Hot because it's got no heat. seriously, NONE. i'm beginning to think there was a harvest of wimpy roots this year!

        FYI, you can buy Atomic from several different online resources, and it's available in some supermarkets - here in LA i found it at Ralph's. unfortunately i don't think there are any Kroger-related supermarkets in Philly, but maybe another chain carries it.

      2. I've been getting Inglehoffer Extra Hot lately. About the only thing I don't like about it is the small size of the jar (4 oz)...but then again it does prevent me from keeping a single larger jar too long.

        1. Rick Nichols wrote an article in the Inquirer a little while back on a Long's horseradish.
          Unfortunately I can't find a link.

          I also think it may only be available at the Central Market in Lancaster and a few places around there.

          1. I've found that Kelchners is not what it used to be. Maybe it's hit or miss but I may have gotten my horseradish tastebuds changed and spoiled with Zayda's. Problem is it can't be found in the burbs. The only place that I know that sells Zayda's is Swiacki Meats polish butchers on Salmon St in Port Richmond. http://swiackimeats.com/