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Sep 6, 2010 05:51 AM

Arabic Bread vs Pita - Different ?

I colleague of mine who lived in and traveled the Arabic Peninsula for many years insists that the Arabic Bread they ate is different from the Pita we are familiar with in Toronto. Can anyone explain the difference (wiki is very vague), and where to find real Arabic Bread in Toronto? I love Za'atar (with a little olive oil and diced tomato and onions) on crispy pitas, but would love to try it on real Arabic style bread.

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  1. Where are you in the GTA? There are specialty grocers/bakers scattered all over the place.

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      Go to any Lebanese/,iddle eastern grocery store and you'll find it. The one area aith an over abundance of it is Richmond HIll. Several bake their own? but a lot of them get it from a bakery in Vancouver. It is usually packaged in a clear plastic.

      Now the bread itself, you could be looking for Khoubz/Khubus or Manaaesh or Hur... the list is endless, since their are variations galore. However? I a, certain that the type of bread your friend had was Khubus or perhaps Tannour bread. The difference is the addition of yeast, maybe eggs and perhaps some sugar.
      The bread is baked much like a naan in a tandoor and is glazed with an egg wash and buttermilk.
      Again; the persian bakeries in richmond hill is your destination. Their is few on the intersection of Weldrick and Yonge

      Edit to add; It is often called Babaari.

      1. re: meatnveg

        The barberi at Garni Bakery on Yonge near Weldrick is amazing. It also freezes really well.

        1. re: mrsleny

          Thanks meatnveg and mrsleny. I will be in Richmond Hill tomorrow and will try your suggestions.

          My colleague also mentioned that the breads he was referring to were made in automatic bakeries in huge automated bread machines. These new bakeries were becoming quite popular in addition to the traditional brick oven bakeries.

      2. re: Kagemusha

        Thanks Kagemusha. I live outside of Toronto, but travel all over the city regularly. What bakery do you find makes the best fresh baked Arabic Breads?

        1. re: PoppiYYZ

          Fresh breads are usually available at Lebanese and Middle Eastern food shops--typically far fresher than supermarkets. If it's packaged, then just follow the address on the wrapper.I like Town and Country Market, Asia Bakery for Afghani baked goods, and Paramount Foods--all in Mississauga.