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Sep 11, 2005 03:26 AM

Family-friendly restaurant in the Pasadena Area

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For some reason my husband and I are always having a difficult time deciding where to eat for lunch or dinner with our kids, ages 6 and 1. Can anyone please recommend their favorite places to bring the kids? (And please, no chuck E. Cheese.)


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  1. Cafe Santorini is good for families. Their pizzas and pastas are pretty decent.


    1. Roscoe's fits the bill for us!

      1. Hamburger Hamlet (on Lake Ave) is pretty good for younger kids. Also, Barn Burner on Fair Oaks (next to El Cholo) has a great kid-friendly atmosphere although their menu is limited to BBQ.

        I would probably not take my kids to Cafe Santorini since it bills itself as known for its romantic setting.

        Pasadena has some great eating. Hope you find a good place to take your little ones.

        1. Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock
          Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles on Lake
          Russell's in Old Town
          Smitty's on Lake
          Pie N Burger on California
          Puebla Taco on Allen and Villa

          1. Green Street Cafe on Shoppers Lane, east of Lake